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The Ugly Duckling

Every year for the past 14 years, the Sunken Garden Children’s Theater revives a portion of every undergraduate’s childhood by putting on a performance of “The Ugly Duckling,” a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. The performances run all through the weekend of Arts First.

Death at a Funeral

The movie lacks creativity at almost every turn. Many of the movie’s scenes are very close in content and construction to the British version, and the score is unoriginal and bland.

Barenaked Ladies

The album does not allow its music to fall into a comfortable formula, as each track differs notably from the others. Some tracks sport choral refrains while others feature heavily rhythmic rap-like lyrics—an element which has long been part of the band’s signature style.


Though many of the songs on “Smoke and Mirrors” fit the mold of these earlier successes, the album as a whole falls short of moving the band forward, as little attempt is made to alter their musical style or voice.

Hot Times with ‘Tub’ Travelers

“You have to be subtle with the comedy in movies,” says Craig Robinson, who plays warehouse manager Darryl on NBC’s “The Office” and has starred in films such as “Knocked Up.”