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An Impossible Burden

Let us complete the work of the civil rights activists that preceded us and open the gates to higher education to all Americans.

The Future of Global Security

ElBaradei Expresses Hope for Nuclear-Free World

Former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei expressed hope for a world free from nuclear weapons, speaking before a full house at the Institute of Politics yesterday evening.


To Be or not TB

All stakeholders, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, multilateral organizations, and national governments shoulder part of the blame and bear hope for progress.


Admissions: One in Sixty

We’ve all seen the ominous headlines: “record-breaking” number of applications and “new low” acceptance rates. For applicants, it’s as if every year the ceiling keeps inching higher and higher out of reach. With over 30,000 students applying to Harvard, college admissions can feel more like a labyrinth than a marathon—one in which the odds are overwhelmingly against your finding the egress. This year, out of every 14 students who applied to Harvard, just 1 was admitted. An article in The Washington Post recently asked if this meant that 1 in every 50 seniors in the country applied to Harvard.


It’s Senioritis Season

It’s that time of year again. Admissions letters (and e-mails) are out, previously unreachable college admissions officers are calling you off the hook, and suddenly high school feels oh-so-passé. The Intel-winning genius in your physics class? He’s on the field playing Ultimate instead of taking a practice AP. Missing valedictorian? Better hope he/she will be back for graduation. Whether you call it senior slump, senior slide, or senioritis, it is highly contagious and supremely difficult to eradicate.