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Is Reality Overrated?

On Tuesday night in a talk titled “Is Reality Overrated?”, internationally acclaimed Israeli writer Etgar Keret reads a selection from his best-selling short stories and shares with the audience the influences in his writing.

Beginner's Salsa

Students gather Tuesday night in Leverett Old Library to participate in beginner’s salsa lessons. The dancers rotated and switched partners after ever couple of songs while learning new moves along the way.

Design Fair

Eliot G. Silva ‘15 and Richard J. Saliba ‘15 showcase their original design, a controllable laser machine capable of writing and drawing via a vibrating laser.


Mark Solovey (Toronto), speaks about the implications of the Occupy Movement in a panel at the Warren Center. Jeffrey Stewart (UCSB), Immanuel Wallerstein (Yale), Linda Gordon (NYU) also spoke at the panel.

Hacking and Networking

Cameron H. Winklevoss ‘04, Tyler H. Winklevoss ‘04, and Divya Narendra ‘04 answer last minute questions from audience members during Harvard Hack, which drew a record attendance from the Harvard community.

Suhaib Webb

Suhaib Webb, a contemporary American-Muslim educator, activist, lecturer, and convert, speaks on the changing face of Islamic leadership in America. Today, he is the current Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, the largest mosque in the New England area.