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A Better Way to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving should be an occasion for us to express awe and gratitude for the beauty and abundance that the Earth offers us, as intended the New World’s first English settlers four centuries ago. Yet we are often loath to admit that many of our contemporary practices are in stark opposition to this aim.

The Logic of Divestment

While we are not yet accustomed to viewing climate change as a structural issue, Harvard can begin to shift public discourse on the source of and solutions to the crisis by holding fossil fuel suppliers accountable for environmental damage and interference in the democratic process.

Postcards This Week from Belgium, Greece, and more!

Check out this week's batch of postcards, as well as postcards from previous weeks, on this interactive map!

Crimson Summer Postcards 2012

Follow Crimson editors as they explore the world this summer! Use this interactive map to browse through postcards. In our ...

Students Temporarily Evacuated from Eliot House

Students were evacuated from Eliot House at around 1 a.m. tonight and found fire trucks outside their House. After about half an hour, emergency response personnel gave students permission to return to the House.

Common Spaces Program Returns to Yard

With the return of cheerful, multicolored chairs to the Yard and a line-up of lively performances by Harvard community members and outside artists, The Harvard Common Spaces Program launched last week for the 2012 season.

James Wood Named Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature

Harvard English professor James Wood joined a list that includes writers Samuel T. Coleridge, William B. Yeats, and J. K. Rowling when he was designated a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature last week.