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Geophysicist Discusses Lunar Surfaces

Geophysicist Maria T. Zuber applied her knowledge of Earth science to one of the world’s most universally studied astronomical bodies—the moon—at this year’s annual Neekeyfar Lecture on Math and Science, hosted Tuesday by the Undergraduate Council’s Student Advisory Board on Science.

Talk Commemorates Entomology Book

Two entomologists discussed the nuances of communication and temperature regulation in honey bees at a presentation hosted this past Tuesday by the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Professor Revives Egyptology At Harvard

Through his ongoing archaeological research and innovative computer modelling, Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian ’81 hopes to help ancient Eygypt make a comeback at Harvard and in the intellectual community at large.

New CF Drug Targets Protein

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge-based pharmaceutical company, received FDA approval last week for its new cystic fibrosis treatment. While all previous ...

Niall Ferguson Defends Europe's Rise

Ferguson responded to claims by Pankaj Mishra, who recently described Ferguson's new book as racist in describing Europe’s dominance over other continents and as nostalgic for the days of European power.

Harvard Professors Search for Alien Life

Discovering extraterrestrial life is not a new goal on mankind’s to-do list. The search, of course, has traditionally played a larger role in popular culture than in the halls of academia.

Petroleum Executive Promotes Natural Gas

Petroleum industry executive Jim T. Hackett, speaking at a presentation hosted by the Harvard University Center for the Environment Wednesday, argued that natural gas is more efficient and cost-effective than commonly perceived.

Stem Cell Scientist Discusses New Drug Development Process

Pharmaceutical companies should turn to stem cells for a more effective and cost-efficient way to experiment with new medications, Harvard professor Lee L. Rubin said in a presentation yesterday.

HBS TechMedia Club Hosts Seventeenth Cyberposium

Students and entrepreneurs headed to the Harvard Business School this weekend for “Cyberposium: 17, Sky’s the Limit?"

HLS Discusses Food Policy at a Conference Highlighting Healthy Eating, Agriculture Law, and Hunger

The Food Law Society at Harvard Law School hosted a conference Friday on United States food policy, discussing healthy diets, federal agricultural laws, hunger, and how to encourage healthy eating.