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Graphic Novel Creators Talk Power of Science Comics at Center for Astrophysics Observatory Night

Writer Jim Ottaviani and writer and illustrator Maris Wicks spoke about how science comics can be a powerful tool for storytelling at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics’s final 2020 Observatory Night on Thursday.

OEB Professor Showcases 3-D Models of ‘Wonderful Cambrian Beasts’ in Webinar

Javier Ortega-Hernández, an Organismic and Evolutionary Biology professor at Harvard, reconstructed the history of the versatile organisms which lived more than half a billion years ago in his Wednesday evening lecture, “Wonderful Cambrian Beasts.”

Harvard Researchers Develop Potential Virus-Neutralizing Purifier Inspired by Butterfly Wings

A new coating technology developed by researchers at the Wyss Institute — an engineering research center at Harvard — and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences could soon be used to develop air purification devices.

Emily Balskus Becomes First Female Harvard Scientist to Win Waterman Award

The Waterman Award recognizes researchers under age 40 “who demonstrate exceptional individual achievements in scientific or engineering research in NSF-supported fields,” according to the NSF. Awardees each receive 1 million dollars to support research in their field.

Harvard Scientists Illuminate Light’s Surprising Impact on Ultra-Cold Chemistry

Harvard researchers uncovered the surprising role of light in ultra-cold chemical reactions, according to an article published last month in the scientific journal Nature Physics.

Former Chemistry Chair Lieber Indicted on Four Additional Felonies for Tax Offenses

Federal authorities charged former Harvard Chemistry chair Charles M. Lieber in a superseding indictment with tax offenses for failing to report income he received from Wuhan University of Technology, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

College Will Require All Fall Courses to Guarantee Students Two to Four Hours of Live Interaction

Though all courses will be virtual this fall, Harvard College expects professors to guarantee every student — regardless of time zone — between two and four hours of live interaction with course staff or peers each week, according to official College guidelines.

Faculty and Admins Plan New D&I Initiatives Following ShutDownSTEM Meetings

Harvard faculty and administrators working in STEM fields say they are planning new initiatives to increase diversity and inclusivity in their fields after participating in ShutDownSTEM, a nationwide campaign dedicated to combating systemic racism in academia.

Harvard Physicists Propose Method for Determining Black Hole Spin

A team of Harvard physicists published an article Wednesday outlining a novel method for determining the “spin” — or angular momentum — of a black hole.

Harvard Postdoc Launches National COVID-19 Research Volunteer Database

As Harvard postdoctoral fellow Michael F. Wells walked home from his last in-person laboratory meeting for the foreseeable future, one thing was on his mind – finding a way to combat the spread of COVID-19 that had forced his research group to close for two months.

Wyss Biostasis Project Succeeds in 'Stopping Biological Time' in Tadpoles

Scientists at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have identified chemicals that could effectively pause biological aging as part of their “Biostasis” project, now over a year after they signed a five-year contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in December 2018.

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