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Largest Donor to Harvard Doubles Gift to Wyss Institute

Nearly five years after donating $125 million to Harvard—the largest philanthropic gift ever to the University—Hansjörg Wyss has matched that sum with a second $125 million gift to the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, the Institute announced Tuesday.

Harvard Researchers Create 'Smallest Robotic Insect Capable of Flight'

A team of Harvard researchers have created what they say is the smallest robotic insect capable of flight—a nickel-sized prototype called RoboBee—that could one day be deployed in swarms for tasks, including environmental monitoring and search-and-rescue operations.

Krystle Campbell, Former HBS Employee, Dies in Boston Marathon Explosions

Just as it seemed all members of the Harvard community who ran or attended the Boston Marathon were safely accounted for after the fatal bombing, FBI officials said Monday that Krystle Campbell, a former Harvard Business School employee whose mother and brother still work at the University, was among three killed in the attacks.

SEAS Allston

Computer science professor Stuart M. Shieber ‘81 speaks with architectual consultant Stephen J. Erwin about the design of the SEAS Allston campus at an open house event in Maxwell Dworkin Monday afternoon.

Computation Talk Stresses Applications

Delivering the keynote speech at a symposium Friday on the future of computation, hedge fund founder and scientist David E. Shaw predicted that researchers will increasingly rely on high-speed simulation to probe biological questions.

Coders Face Off In Virtual Foosball

Most people would not spend days strategizing how to win a foosball game, but in this year’s second annual Student Computational Challenge, teams were challenged to do just that and code a program to trump opponents in a virtual tournament.

New Detector Puts a Twist on Fiber Optics

Applied physics professor Federico Capasso remembers the emergence of fiber optics vividly—he was working at Bell Laboratories when the research institution performed the first industrial tests of the technology forty years ago.