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Carey Studies Schizophrenia

Caitlin E. Carey ’12 has spent the semester immersed in the Social Neuroscience and Psycho-Pathology Lab in William James Hall, studying somatic associations and schizophrenia.

BRIEF: City of Cambridge Divided Into Two Voting Districts

Last week, Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick ’78, a Democrat signed a state-wide redistricting bill that will divide the city of Cambridge into two voting districts.

‘Shapes’ Grounded by Electric Acting

The show’s actor-focused attitude preserves LaBute’s witty, fast-paced banter while also allowing serious consideration of the ethical problems with “shaping” another human being, the play’s central thematic concern.

‘Trespass’ Oversteps the Realm of Plausibility

In what would be a coup for most films, “Trespass” repeatedly manages to put the audience in the shoes of its protagonists. Unfortunately, here this means evoking a sense of being helplessly trapped with no hope of escape.

Sheen and Estevez Bring Personal Bond to the Screen

As close collaborators on “The Way,” Sheen and Estevez do not have the same type of estranged relationship as the father and son in their film. They banter together, expressing pride in each other’s skill.