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City Politics

City Council Supports Restroom in Cambridge Common

Cambridge Common is likely to soon see its first permanent public restroom.

City Politics

City Council Meeting Convenes

For a few minutes on Monday night, the Cambridge City Council meeting looked more like a poetry slam.

Student Groups

Students Begin 31-Hour Fast for North Korean Defectors

Beginning on Tuesday, members of Harvard Human Rights in North Korea (HRiNK) will fast for 31 hours to raise awareness about the 31 North Korean defectors recently repatriated by the Chinese government. The defectors face imprisonment, forced labor, and possible execution in their native country.

Body of Work
Visual Arts

SOCH Hosts 'Body of Work'

Creative expression can play a major role in the process of recovering from eating disorders, said artist Judith Shaw, who exhibited a collection of pieces inspired by her own struggle with anorexia


Journalists, Students Discuss Role of Media

Social media websites have had a transformative effect both on authoritarian regimes during the Arab Spring and on current American electoral politics, said journalists and technology advocates on Wednesday night in Kirkland House, the birthplace of Facebook.

College Administration

Summers Debates Fiscal Policies

Former Harvard president Lawrence H. Summers, one of the architects of the Obama administration’s fiscal policies, defended the effectiveness of the president’s response to the financial crisis in a debate with former Bush administration official John B. Taylor.