Alan M. Dershowitz

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Letter to the Editor: Editorial Normalizes Growing Campus Anti-Semitism

It takes no courage on campuses to oppose Israel’s existence. It takes great courage today to tell the complex truth about the history of the Israeli/Palestine conflict, which begins with the refusal of the Palestinian leadership to accept the two-state solution proposed by the United Nations.

Letter to the Editor: Article Misrepresented Dershowitz

Virginia Roberts leveled her false accusations four years ago. At the time, I disproved them categorically.

The Case Against Boycotting SodaStream

This is not a victory for human rights. It is a victory for human wrongs.

Reflections After 50 Years at Harvard

It’s alright to take courses in which you will excel. But courses only last only a few months. Life is forever.

Thank God It's Monday

Strike a balance between work and play, career and family, doing good and doing well. That balance should include looking forward both to Monday and Friday.

What Rules Should Harvard Have?

How should a great university, committed to diversity and freedom of speech, deal with the recurring problem of whether to “sponsor” a student-run event that is deeply offensive to other students?