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'Leading in Learning'

I’m sure that all of these proposals reflect well-developed and thoughtful plans on the part of Harvard University. But in my four years here, the rigidity of Harvard’s furniture has never seemed a major roadblock to my learning experience. In fact, I have had little to no interaction with technology in the classroom.

Harvard’s Timber Empire

Harvard could continue to cut corners, sacrificing native forests, subsistence farmers’ land, and ecological well-being in its efforts to turn a profit. Or, it could use its timberland assets to push forward a sustainable model for global forestry. I hope Harvard takes seriously its “commitment to sustainable investment” and that its “distinctive responsibilities to society” lead it to responsible ownership.

Interrogating the House System

What would happen if students who dislike their House simply moved out?

Searching for a Corporate Savior?

While Harvard may be overtaken with financial considerations, the university’s main purpose is the pursuit of knowledge. Dean Pfister’s engagement with students’ social and academic lives should not be exceptional.

The Doctrine of Academic Freedom

Discourse about “academic freedom” obscures what should fundamentally be a political argument.

Children in the Stacks

Institutions and their rules take a long time to change, and it will be generations more before Harvard has shaken off all the remnants of many centuries of patriarchy.

Don’t Teach For America

But it has become increasingly clear to anyone who thinks critically about teaching that there’s something off with TFA’s model.

A Master Plan for Good Jobs

As Harvard moves forward with its plans to build, among other things, a hotel and conference center in North Allston, it has the responsibility to bring good jobs to the Allston community.

Queer and in a Pub

CAMBRIDGE, England—This pub is called Revolution and although it’s a Thursday night and there’s a five pound cover, the July 4th crowd is teeming with both Americans and Brits. I’m sitting on the roof deck and talking to two youngish guys from the town of Cambridge, UK.