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Those Flyover States

Part of my identity has been formed from growing up in West Virginia, and when you write my home state off before knowing anything about it, you write part of me off as well.


Summer Plans?

However, this time what really struck me about her questions was the never asked, but very much underlying question, “What is Harvard?".


Things We Don’t Understand About Harvard

Kirkland is on Dunster Street, while Kirkland Street and Quincy Street intersect behind Annenberg, which is nowhere near Quincy or Kirkland (or Dunster for that matter). Harvard Street merges into Mass Ave before it gets to Harvard. On that note, Yenching Auditorium isn’t in the Harvard-Yenching Institute, and Mather Hall is not in Mather House, but is actually in Old Quincy. It’s no wonder that Harvard operates on Harvard time, because clearly seven minutes (or more) is used to figure out the lay of the land.


In Veritas We Trust?

Our words and actions have permanence in that they are the building blocks of Harvard history for the generations to come. For this reason, the truth in our actions and in our words holds much more importance than it might otherwise.


Harvard Glasses

When we increasingly become involved in classes, research, and internships, it becomes too easy to let our peers slip by us.


Do Unto Others…

Yes, Harvard is missing banter. Yes, Harvard is missing a healthy emotional culture. But perhaps more so, Harvard is missing compassion and interest in other people.


So close, but Yet So Far

Harvard is one of very few institutions that attempts to make a liberal arts engineering degree a viable option, but it hasn’t quite succeeded in doing so.


Don't Judge Greek Life by Its Cover

Harvard needs to lay down its copy of Total Frat Move and reexamine its stance on Greek life and social organization recognition.