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Harry R. Lewis

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Unfinished Business

The process of diversifying the student body will continue, perhaps changed as a result of the Supreme Court decision. A great challenge remains: What can Harvard do to free its educationally and socioeconomically disadvantaged students to have the life-changing experiences here that more advantaged students can choose without hesitation or guilt?

Preregistration is the Enemy of Liberal Education

Harvard’s view used to be that undergraduate education was about discovery. Students are admitted to no department or major; they have the entire first year and more to learn about academic offerings and to settle on a concentration. It has been considered a mark of personal growth to choose a concentration different from the one on your Harvard application.

Letter to the Editor: Athletes Can Change Their Minds, Too

The freedom to change your mind and to acquire new interests — that is, the right to an education in the full sense of the term — belongs to athletes at Harvard every bit as much as it belongs to other Harvard students.

No Values Tests

Perhaps not since the Puritan era has Harvard assumed such a posture of authority over the beliefs and associations of its students.

Mandela and Harvard

We were celebrating our own successes as well as South Africa’s, and were being reminded of the undone work of our society as we heard Mandela talk about the future of his.