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'Civilization and its Discontents' a Cosmopolitan Journey

“Discontent and Its Civilizations” tells a story, or perhaps a series of mini-stories, that may feel relatable, especially to those who have had the experience of feeling like an outsider and wondering where they belonged.

'A Quiet Place' Overcomes Constraints

Plays often rely on elaborate lighting, lavish costumes, and richly decorated sets to entertain; “A Quiet Place” featured none of these. But, in spite of some elements that made the play feel unfinished, this 80-minute production was never boring.

'Assassins' Brings to Life John Wilkes Booth Among Others

John Wilkes Booth, Guiseppe Zangara and Charles Guiteau. These are the names from history textbooks—men who tried to assassinate American presidents. They are also the subjects of a new Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club production that will open at the Oberon on Friday, Dec. 5th.

'Rosewater' Redefines Journalism

Journalist Maziar Bahari speaks to The Crimson about Jon Stewart's directorial debut, entitled "Rosewater," a portrayal of Bahari's imprisonment and torture at the hands of the Iranian government.

'Spring Awakening' Goes Back to Its Roots

“Totally Fucked” and “Mama Who Bore Me.” These are the songs of teenage angst, from a musical that made Broadway seem more modern to a millennium generation that had previously written it off: “Spring Awakening.” But Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s current production of “Spring Awakening” is the play, not the musical many are familiar with.