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Sir Babygirl's Crush on Me Cover

Sir Babygirl’s ‘Crush on Me’ is Eminently Crush-worthy

If Kelsie Hogue's debut album as Sir Babygirl, "Crush on Me," is any indicator, "20BiTeen" is already off to a promising start.

'Maker Mixtape' cover art

Anjimile’s ‘Maker Mixtape’ is Brief and Beautiful

Like much of Anjimile’s best work, "Maker Mixtape" is a diverse yet connected listen.


Girlpool Come Into Their Own on ‘What Chaos is Imaginary’

Singing about their experiences growing up is nothing new for Girlpool. Their latest release, “What Chaos is Imaginary,” is both a deepening of and departure from their previous sound.

7 rings

Ariana Grande's '7 rings' is Out of Step and Out of Touch

This awkward and contrived single is a notable misstep from a talented and ordinarily savvy musician.

Transangelic Exodus - Ezra Furman

‘Transangelic Exodus’: A Radical, Theatrical, and Spiritual Epic

American romance following outlaws on the run was due for a queer rewrite.

Elizabeth Bishop cover

‘Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast’ More of a Four-Course Meal

“A poet’s poet’s poet,” as acclaimed poet John Ashbery described her, Elizabeth Bishop, one of the finest mid-twentieth century American poets, is masterfully portrayed in Megan Marshall’s new biography, “Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast.” Marshall, a former student of Bishop’s, interweaves a richly descriptive account of Bishop’s personal life and artistic output with sections about Marshall’s own life.


Hear Me Out: “iT’s YoU” by Zayn Malik

Writing a catty song about one’s ex is practically a solo pop singer’s birthright, and wounded, pretty, and mean is a look Zayn wears well.

Courtesy of Bent Shapes

Artist Profile: Ben Potrykus and Andy Sadoway of Bent Shapes

​Bent Shapes are, perhaps, the consummate Boston-based band—a self-described “hyperliterate, tightly-wound, and irreverent” quartet, performing jangly garage rock with a healthy dash of critical theory. In advance of the Mar. 11 release of their second album “Wolves of Want” on Slumberland Records, The Harvard Crimson had the chance to sit down with frontman Ben Potrykus and drummer Andy Sadoway.

Aislinn Brophy profile
On Campus

Profile: Brophy at the Helm of the HRDC

Aislinn E. Brophy ’17 is the president of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club. The Crimson sat down with her and discussed her plans as the head of Harvard’s largest student theater group, her experiences in the new TDM concentration, her ongoing theatrical work, and the current HRDC season.

Courtesy of Guerilla Toss

Artist Profile: Kassie Carlson of Guerilla Toss

In advance of Guerilla Toss's upcoming album release, The Crimson had the chance to talk with lead singer and lyricist Kassie Carlson about the creation of their mind-bending music: from their dense yet danceable sonic arrays to their psychedelic, imagistic, almost mythic lyrics.

Courtesy of Carl Shane

Artist Profile: Carl Shane of Kal Marks

In advance of Kal Marks' 2/19 album release, The Crimson had the chance to talk with frontman Carl Shane about the new album, their upcoming tour, and what precisely it means to be in an indie band.

The Birds Outside Sang

‘The Birds Outside Sang’: A Moving Exploration of Trauma and Survival

Written in the wake of a hit-and-run accident that left Sprague severely injured and impacted her ability to play and perform music, “The Birds Outside Sang” is an album about wounding and healing, vulnerability, trauma, recovery, and growth.

Amy J. Cohn

Arts Vanity Issue: Puppetry at its Purest and Most Elemental- Top Five Puppet Punk Albums, Ranked

As a child, you loved Alvin & The Chipmunks. As a slightly less-discerning young adult, you loved Brian Borcherdt’s (of a very holy band) versions of old Chipmunks classics played at 16 RPM. Now, you might be wondering: What demented, ostensibly child-inspired music can I listen to next?


'Empty Chairs' Full of Feeling

Liu Xia has seen her husband and her brother repeatedly arrested, jailed, and imprisoned, for likely politically-motivated reasons, and has herself been placed under house arrest and constant surveillance. It is no wonder that Kafka is a recurring figure in her poetry.

Frankie Cosmos, "Fit Me In"

'Fit Me In' A Brief But Explosive Offering From Frankie Cosmos

The EP demonstrates that, if anything, Kline isn’t content to rest on her indie pop laurels but is still striving for more varied modes of expression.