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Brianna J. Suslovic

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Politicizing the Mainstage

The norms of Harvard theater restrictively dictate where and how actors and characters of color can exist; as unintentional as it may be, the theater community at Harvard oversamples and over-represents whiteness.

Letter to the Editor: Thinking About Selective Remembering

Instead, as a means of preserving the past, why not rename buildings after former slaves or historical figures who have fought for justice?

Truth and Change

We must critically engage with the painful histories that have given us the names on our buildings, thoughtfully and critically taking history in stride as we find names that better fit the giants whose shoulders we want to stand on.

Will We Ever Be Royals?

What intellectual work am I doing by calling myself a Tired Old Queen?

Open Up

I want to have nuanced conversations about how to transfer the benefits of club membership to more students.

Interrupt Away

I guess what I’m trying to drive home is the idea that in the U.S., not everyone gets a voice like Obama’s. Instead of forcing our tokenized black people and transgender people to silently take a seat at the table, why not encourage them to speak up?

This Must Be the Place

I want to do that with people here. I’m not being facetious when I say the cliché phrase, “Let’s grab a meal this week!” I actually mean it.

Let’s Talk About Sex

I’d like to see sexuality education that focuses on sexuality as a part of a broader humanity. Most humans are sexual beings. Humans experience sexual attraction in different ways, and those differences are completely okay.

Protecting Providers

The violence is physical, as in the case of clinic shootings and bombings, but it is also psychological. Imagine being verbally harassed and aggressively accosted by protesters holding medically inaccurate, gory signs every day as you walk into work.

Dismantle Final Clubs Now

Our concern is this: the clubs’ elite membership go on to run the world in the image of how they understand it–through the narrow lens of exclusion.