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Music Video Breakdown: 'Fade' by Kanye West

This simplistic image actually draws upon sources like “Flashdance,” Jean-Paul Goude’s boxing photographs of Grace Jones, ’70’s and ’80’s porn (for the oily texture), the Olympics, and the NBA championship.

'Next Thing' Serves Up Homespun Honesty

“Next Thing” has a cultivated charm, more finished than Kline’s previously self-produced music, but winking amateurism is still thriving in this refreshingly quiet album amid modern music’s caps-locked shouting match.

‘If You Can Tell’ an Aching Meditation on Religion

Composed of eight long, flooring poems, “If You Can Tell” beautifully traces the life of a boy as he meditates on questions of what is unseen and what is assumed, particularly God and the tautological nature of religion.

'Noises Off' Offers Farcical Humor

A farce that focuses on the actors of another, fictitious farce, "Noises Off," which runs Nov. 6-15 in Farkas Hall, aims to offer a fresh, funny, and witty take on the more challenging sides of life.

Artist Spotlight: Angélique Kidjo

Angélique Kidjo, a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and activist from Benin, is considered one of the most iconic and influential figures in African music. Prior to her Nov. 17-18 visit, she spoke with The Crimson about her music, her background, and what she most anticipates from Harvard.