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‘Float’ Adrift But Grounded

Her writing gives rise to fantastic insights about what can be achieved through translation and what must, by the very nature of transference, be left behind.

Teyana Taylor in 'Fade'

Music Video Breakdown: 'Fade' by Kanye West

This simplistic image actually draws upon sources like “Flashdance,” Jean-Paul Goude’s boxing photographs of Grace Jones, ’70’s and ’80’s porn (for the oily texture), the Olympics, and the NBA championship.

Jaden Smith

Guilty Pleasures: Jaden Smith’s Tweets

As Jaden himself puts it: “I Don’t Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely.”


Artistic Guide to Harvard: Nature Spots

As finals loom and you try to swerve and run at your summer plans with open arms, remember to take a few moments here and there to breathe the fresh air.


'Next Thing' Serves Up Homespun Honesty

“Next Thing” has a cultivated charm, more finished than Kline’s previously self-produced music, but winking amateurism is still thriving in this refreshingly quiet album amid modern music’s caps-locked shouting match.

Widener Library

Artistic Guide to Harvard: Sunny Study Spots

The break in the weather may not come with a break in schoolwork, but that’s no reason not to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

If You Can Tell by James McMichael

‘If You Can Tell’ an Aching Meditation on Religion

Composed of eight long, flooring poems, “If You Can Tell” beautifully traces the life of a boy as he meditates on questions of what is unseen and what is assumed, particularly God and the tautological nature of religion.


Music Video Breakdown: 'Pillowtalk' by Zayn Malik

Let's take a look at the real story behind 'Pillowtalk.'

On Campus

'Noises Off' Offers Farcical Humor

A farce that focuses on the actors of another, fictitious farce, "Noises Off," which runs Nov. 6-15 in Farkas Hall, aims to offer a fresh, funny, and witty take on the more challenging sides of life.


'Paranormal Activity' Dead on Arrival

"Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension" is a disappointing cap for one of the most successful horror series of recent years, failing to rise above standard tropes.

Angélique Kidjo
On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Angélique Kidjo

Angélique Kidjo, a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and activist from Benin, is considered one of the most iconic and influential figures in African music. Prior to her Nov. 17-18 visit, she spoke with The Crimson about her music, her background, and what she most anticipates from Harvard.

On Campus

'The Importance of Being Earnest' Brings Wilde to Brooklyn

“The Importance of Being Earnest,” which runs Oct. 16-25 in Farkas Hall, tends to get caught up in histrionics, but its experienced actors and intelligent direction pull through to make it a cleverly delivered, flawlessly timed production.

On Campus

“The Sharp Amnesias” Explores Maddin Filmography

The Harvard Film Archive's "The Sharp Amnesias of Guy Maddin," a collection of films and shorts by the renowned Canadian filmmaker, seeks to showcase Maddin's works and to inspire budding filmmakers.