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School of Public Health Addresses Diversity Issues at Town Hall

Students and administrators at the Harvard School of Public Health say there has been a more concerted focus on diversity issues in the last few years.

At Medical School, New Curriculum Met With Praise

Last year, the Medical School uprooted its old method, debuting the new “Pathways” program. Students and professors alike said the demands outside the classroom have increased, and the education at the Medical School better prepares students for future medical careers.

Medical Students Petition to End ‘Pointless’ Exam

​A petition initiated earlier this month at Harvard Medical School has now been signed by more than 12,000 medical students, residents, and physicians from around the country asking for an end to the Step 2 CS exam, a portion of a test all fourth year medical students must take.

HSPH Students Say New Dean Reflects Emphasis on Diversity

​At time when students in Longwood have called for increased diversity on their campuses, Michelle A. Williams was named dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, becoming the first black dean of a Harvard faculty and the first woman to lead the school.

DNA Discoverer James Watson Gives Advice on Success

Scientist James D. Watson, best known for receiving the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the co-discovery of DNA with Francis Crick, spoke about his life experiences and accomplishments and gave advice on success at a lecture Thursday.

Medical School Professor Appointed Wellesley President

The Wellesley College Board of Trustees unanimously approved the appointment of Harvard Medical School professor Paula A. Johnson ’80 as the first African-American president of Wellesley College.

Two Harvard Seniors Selected for Marshall Scholarship

Bianca Mulaney ’16 and Rebecca M. Panovka ’16, friends and fellow Quincy House residents, have been named Harvard’s two newest Marshall scholars to their shared surprise and disbelief.

For Off-Cycle Seniors, Thesis-Writing Concludes

Most Harvard seniors edit, toil over, and finally turn in their theses in a communal flurry in the weeks leading up to spring break and Housing Day each spring. But for the College’s off-cycle seniors, the affair is less standardized and a bit more lonely, they say.