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Various and Sundry

Since this is my last column of the semester, and since I have exhausted my supply of pomposity and nonsense, I propose to round out the year with a smattering of suggestions for smoothing certain Harvard hangnails.


Evangelizing Harvard

There are also these converts to the church, who have managed to overcome all these obstacles and then some. They have walked through the valley of the shadow of Richard Dawkins and have not been harmed.


What’s In A Rename?

I propose, therefore, that Harvard — which as a name will soon be, if it isn’t already, insupportable — hereafter be called Maya Angelou University.


I Hate These Teams

One of the battles is about the purpose of higher education, whether it should solely train the mind how to think or whether it should also impart moral cultivation.


Dysfunctional Gen Ed

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it is broke, don’t just rearrange the useless debris and then tell us it’s fixed.


Less College, Not More

The point is that the intelligent observer will realize that the liberally educated remain a small minority of the national population regardless of how many people attend universities.

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

The Legacies of the Ruling Class

Such graduates are collectively called the ruling class, which is not a phrase one is permitted to use today in America, unless it be with democratic disgust.

Sex Toys at Sex Week

A Flirtation With Sex Week

The whole program of Sex Week promotes the punctilious observance of methods and practices designed specifically to replace sex with grotesque approximations.


At Least the Puritans Wrote Decent Poetry

Leave the song alone and get back to figuring out why no one’s heard of it in the first place.

Men's Crew

Harvard Crew Teams Encouraged by Performance at Season Opener

Making its season debut Saturday at the Head of the Housatonic regatta, the Harvard men’s lightweight crew emerged with some auspicious results.


Final Clubs, Episode III: The Empire Strikes Out

I finally know why the Ringling Bros. Circus closed in May: It was getting too much competition from Harvard.

Op Eds

Premier Khurana and the Enemies of the Smirking Class

It is impossible that Rakesh “Community” Khurana will be able to stomach looking like Stalin terrorizing Ukrainian farmers. The sanctions will then have to go. There is no other way.


Letter: Freedom of Speech is Sacred

Either one supports absolute freedom of speech or one supports censorship; the two are incompossible. This is true even when the censors believe they are acting for the benefit of their community.