Romy Dolgin

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Dissent: Wi-Fi Contact Tracing Is An Unacceptable Violation of Privacy

We do not support the University —  a body which holds considerable power over the lives and futures of its affiliates — tracking our every movement. We all have a right to privacy; we must defend it.

Eulogy to An Acquaintanceship

For most of the student body, this will be a semester, if not a year, of remoteness. Yes, physically remote from the campus we usually call home, but also emotionally remote from the varying ties that bond us as a community.

What’s Your Love Language?

It takes bravery to show love and bravery to accept love. The very least we all can do it make sure we recognize it when it comes our way.

In Support of Athlete Admissions

Athletes are pointy students like any other, and therefore do not deserve the position they’ve held in the discussion regarding Harvard’s admissions practices.

How to Be an Ally to Sexual Violence Survivors

We all must strive to be allies to those who have suffered, even when it is difficult. If we build networks of support, we can tear down the isolation and silence that perpetuate this epidemic.

Why I’m Not Woke

Maybe we can broaden the definition of “woke” to include these characteristics from both sides of the political spectrum, but until then I remain contently un-woke.