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Death on the Charles

Amid this massive — nearly incomprehensible — loss of human life, we must not lose our own humanity by erasing that of those who have died. We can not become numb to the sheer pain and anger that ought to be moving all of us.

Dissent: Wi-Fi Contact Tracing Is An Unacceptable Violation of Privacy

We do not support the University —  a body which holds considerable power over the lives and futures of its affiliates — tracking our every movement. We all have a right to privacy; we must defend it.

Dissent: We Shouldn’t Stop Listening — The Case for Prison Divestment

Arguing that the conditions in prison prisons do not reach the standard of degrading human life or harming the systematically disadvantaged is illogical and facetious.

In China, Harvard More Than Turns a Blind Eye

With some American universities cutting ties to their Chinese partners out of concern for the impact of authoritarianism on free academic pursuit, our institution appears determined to do the exact opposite.

Why I Smoke

So, asks the American, why on earth do I smoke?

Bubbles and Other Child’s Play

Harvard may be a bubble — that much we have settled. But perhaps we should, when engaging with the real world, make some attempt at regaining a distortion-free perspective.