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Patrick C. Barham Quesada

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Protest is Inconvenient

Protests do not happen when it is best for everyone. They do not accommodate others’ schedules or seek to minimize their disturbance. They’re loud, they’re broadly supported, and, most importantly, they’re clear in their message.

Black Players White Fans

We must ensure that athletes are not a product and that fans are not the consumers, especially when those in the stands or in the back office and those on the field look as different demographically as they do.

My Names

Writing down and seeing my new, more complete name reminds me every day of the contributions that both my parents and the fact that neither one of them can passively be erased from my history.

Not Harvard’s Culture

This incident demonstrates the need Harvard has to better educate its students, faculty and staff on our troubled past.

What Harvard Has Stolen

Harvard and its students today benefit from the spoils of imperialism and colonialism that maimed and depleted the resources and populations of countries around the world.

Pay Our Interns

If this country truly seeks to build a government of, by, and for the people, it is imperative that Congress strive to include diverse experiences and individuals in its staff, not just those who can afford to take unpaid internships.

Pay for Play

Harvard needs to take an active role in advocating for the governing body to establish real limits and definitions to what it means to be a student-athlete.