Summer Postcards 2019

Summer Postcard: Fish, Love, Music

Salmonfest is kind of like Woodstock, if Woodstock were fish-themed and held in a seaside village in Alaska.

Summer Postcard: Karak Spicy

Within a society marked by stark inequality, all converge for karak and conversation at the edge of the Gulf.

Summer Postcard: Back in Time

I felt a little twinge of sadness I couldn’t explain at first. It was the twinge of realizing, while I was in it, that this moment would become a memory — something I could never recreate in exactly the same way again.

Summer Postcard: Humility

These structures and monuments are impressive, enduring, and timeless, designed and set as allusions to the very country they represent. But more than symbols, they also serve an important purpose: They remind you how insignificant you are.

Summer Postcard: Packing for the Final Trip

The family convened at his house in the aftermath to put everything in order. And it was in this ordering that I found a certain treasure, buried in a messy kitchen-table-tableau of dead pens and toast crumbs and slung-open scientific journals.

Summer Postcard: Boba in Vietnam

My students evinced a desire to change the status quo and a genuine belief in their capacity to effect change. When they grow up and become the generation in power, they told me, their views will rein.

Summer Postcard: Organ Meats

I have been thinking about organ meats a lot this summer because I have been thinking about my grandfather, who was recently diagnosed with rapidly progressing dementia.

Summer Postcard: Wasting Away

Japan doesn’t need trash cans in the streets because their alternative to public bins isn’t littering. They care for their communities in the best way possible: keeping them clean.

Summer Postcard: Glory and Gore

As the swaying passenger bus rocked me in and out of sleep, I realized that what I was seeing was not a glitch or illusion, but rather a crowd of people headed exactly where I was headed: to the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

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