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Patrick C. Barham

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Pay for Play

Harvard needs to take an active role in advocating for the governing body to establish real limits and definitions to what it means to be a student-athlete.

Winthrop House Commencement

Defending the Indefensible

Though the law should presume Weinstein innocent, Sullivan is under no obligation to do the same.

A Day to Remember

Endless War

We have the moral imperative to use our soldiers, many of whom are not much older than many of us at the College, in a judicious and responsible manner.

Vote Here


It’s not a democratic system if everyone’s vote and voice is not equally weighted. It’s time to change our system in favor of a system where each vote matters.

Lawrence Lessig

How to Fix Politics

Our representatives need to spend more time representing us and less time fundraising from us.


A Toxic Culture

The greater culture echoed by Grassley, Cornyn, Hatch, McConnell, and others cannot be accepted. It must be changed.


What Democrats Stand To Lose In the Gun Debate

Democrats must now tread carefully or risk pushing too hard and losing the wind at their backs.


Why Harvard Should Put Down the Football

It’s time for us to call for much-needed revisions to the sport to ensure that the game is played as safely as possible. Harvard can and should come out on this first.