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82 Mount Auburn Street
Harvard Square

Dig Inn to Sprout in Harvard Square

Dig Inn’s opening takes place as several restaurants frequented by college students — including Chipotle, Sweet Bakery, and Crema Café — have closed their doors in recent months.


Agassiz’s Descendants Urge Harvard To Turn Over Slave Photos

A group representing 43 descendants of former Harvard professor Louis Agassiz delivered a letter to University President Lawrence S. Bacow Thursday urging him to turn over a set of historic slave photos to a Connecticut woman who alleges they depict her ancestors.

OTTO Pizza

OTTO Pizza in Harvard Square Temporarily Closes After Fire

A fire broke out Monday morning at OTTO Pizza in Harvard Square and was extinguished within an hour after an “aggressive attack,” according to the the Cambridge Fire Department.


Economics Professor Martin Feldstein, ‘Legendary’ Teacher and Thinker, Dies at 79

Feldstein was a prolific academic who served in a number of political roles. During his career, he served as the chief economic advisor to Ronald Reagan and the president of the National Bureau of Economic Research.


Harvard Allston Land Company Solicits Proposals for Enterprise Research Campus

The Harvard Allston Land Company is soliciting proposals from developers for the initial construction phase of its Enterprise Research Campus in Allston in a formal request issued Friday, according to Harvard spokesperson Brigid O’Rourke.


Former Harvard Track Coach Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography

Former Harvard track coach Walter W. Johnson ’71 pled guilty Monday to possession of child pornography, the United States Attorney’s office announced Tuesday.


Sciences in the SEAS Era

As SEAS prepares to expand into Allston, some faculty say they wish administrators had consulted them on the details of the move earlier.

Accessibility Map Simple

Barriers to Entry

Students with physical disabilities sometimes struggle to navigate Harvard’s campus.

Arboretum Solar Panels

Harvard Arboretum Installs More Than 1,000 Solar Panels

Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum is undertaking an ambitious sustainability initiative to install more than 1,000 solar panels near the Weld Hill Research Building, which houses affiliated scientists who conduct work in plant biology.

Designed by Michelle Chen

Vesalius to Van Gogh: Medicine’s Niche in Art and Vice Versa

The “Mona Lisa” may have had a thyroid condition. The “Vitruvian Man” may have had a hernia in his groin. The “Gypsy Girl With Mandolin” may have had rheumatoid arthritis. The distinguished subjects of art sometimes had diseases, and often, so did the artists themselves.

University Hall

National Academy of Sciences Elects Nine Harvard Professors

These 100 new members elevate the Academy’s active membership to 2,347 scientists. Election to the small and exclusive group, comprising “the country’s leading researchers,” is one of the highest honors that a scientist can receive, according to the Academy’s website.

Astronomy Building

Harvard Undergrad, Professor Identify First Interstellar Meteor, Say It Could Support Theories of Life in Other Solar Systems

Astronomy Department Chair and Professor Avi Loeb teamed up with an undergraduate to identify the first interstellar meteor ever reported in our solar system.

Astronomy Department

Harvard Astronomers Help Capture First-Ever Image of Black Hole

A research group led by a Harvard scientist unveiled the first-ever image of a black hole Wednesday morning, drawing praise from both the scientific community and the general public.

Agassiz House
On Campus

Agassiz Name on Harvard Campus Honors Not Louis Agassiz, But Wife and Son

A recent lawsuit accusing former zoology professor Louis Agassiz of using photos of slaves to promote racist ideologies has reignited conversations about his name and legacy, but, Harvard staff say the Agassiz name on campus honors the contributions of his wife and son rather than his own.

Science Center

Underrepresented Minority Tenure Track Faculty in Harvard Sciences Increases to 13 Percent

The percentage of underrepresented minority tenure track faculty in Harvard's Sciences division has increased 10 percentage points to 13 percent in the past year, according to Dean of Science Christopher W. Stubbs.