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A New Chapter for the Oldest Corporation

The departure of William F. Lee ’72 will bring a new era for the Harvard Corporation. As he exits, the body has turned to a starkly different figure to fill his shoes: Penny S. Pritzker ’81, who brings deep ties to Washington’s most powerful players and a net worth of more than $3 billion.

When I Talk About Anime, I Am Talking About Time

When rewatching a favorite, I can recall distinctly the landscapes and people, the anxiety and aspirations, that marked the period I first watched it in. Anime has become an accidental way of assembling a chronology of my past.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Visions of Return

Many of the most iconic scenes from the animator’s extended repertoire are ones that involve transformation.

Landmark University Report Details How Slavery ‘Powerfully Shaped Harvard’

Harvard University faculty, staff, and leaders enslaved more than 70 Black and Indigenous people over about 150 years, including some who lived on campus, according to a long-awaited University report released Tuesday that detailed and acknowledged the “integral” role slavery played in shaping the school.