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‘Succession’ Season Four Premiere Review: Sundays Are For The Roys

In a virtually flawless premiere teeming with new and intriguing family dynamics, masterfully written dialogue, and its trademark brand of searing comedy, “Succession” effectively sets the stage for what is bound to be a remarkable final season.

‘Hamilton’ Review: A Contemporary Classic Dazzles in Boston

Whether a reluctant theatergoer, a crazed fan, or somewhere in between, “Hamilton” is an exceptional artistic and educational experience that will win over the hearts of even the most skeptical attendees.

‘Causeway’ Review: A Resonant Portrait of Trauma and Transitions

In its efforts to recount Lynsey’s return to normalcy, the film artfully captures the flurry of mixed emotions that may entail such an experience while occasionally administering too great a dose of dramatic embellishment.