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'Fickle Game' Retrospective: Amber Run is Haunted and Haunting

“Fickle Game” is a desperate outcry against the disorienting absurdity and impermanence of life, a haunted yearning for stability and control, a solitary search for meaning. How, then, shall we play this fickle game?

Larissa Pham’s ‘Pop Song’ Review: A Distressing Memoir about Delusive Coping Strategies

While the "Pop Song" should be applauded for its poetic prose, intelligence, and raw honesty that will certainly resonate with young readers grappling with hurtful experiences, Pham’s vulnerability borders on trauma porn.

‘Checkout 19’ Review: Why We Need Stories to Live

Part autofiction of a young writer, part philosophical encounter with humanity’s inherent and misconstrued darkness, and part subtle but raging feminist outcry, “Checkout 19” is nothing short of astounding.