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Four Exclamation Points: The Spartacus Youth League

From the 1970s to the 1990s, communists on campus flocked to the Spartacus Youth League, a student organization that led protests, circulated its own newspaper, and read Lenin with Cambridge residents.

“Atalanta” Preview: The New Newsroom Musical

Co-directed by Kingsbury Lee and Ellie M. Powell ’25, "Atalanta" follows Sarina Lemonde (Grace H. Allen ’24), a young newspaper editor working in a male-dominated newsroom in New York City in 1969.

A Harvard Professor on Columbus’s Voyage

Morison decided “the only way to solve the problem of this great navigator, really to ‘get at’ him, was to explore, under sail, the coasts and islands he discovered.” Thus, the Harvard Columbus expedition was born.

The Pitfalls of BookTok’s Love of YA

Although the “extremely raunchy, sexually explicit” nature of many of her books could easily push them into the genre of adult novels, Maas’s books are marketed as Young Adult (YA).