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Currier House

On top of being the only House named after a woman (#gofeminism!), Currier also boasts a spacious courtyard, suites with balconies, solariums, and an art room, making it truly one-of-a-kind. And while you may be worried about potentially being far away from all the Harvard Square action, just know that everyone in the Quad (and even some folks down by the River) commute to Currier for one thing: a taste of the objectively best food on campus. So, in reality, as part of the “Tree” community, you have a chance to be at the heart of Harvard!

Flyby’s Roundup of the Craziest Q Guide Comments

You know it, you love it, it’s none other than the Q Guide. From the (not-so) secret codes for gems to reading every single comment to reassure yourself that the class you are choosing is right for you, we live and breathe the Q Guide during course registration. But look no further, as Flyby has rounded up some of the craziest Q Guide comments that have graced the resource so far!

Flyby Tries: Getting the Flu Vax

As the end of fall semester approaches, the beginning of flu season does as well! To prepare for course registration and the winter ahead of us, flyby put the walk-in clinic at Smith Center to the test. Get your vax asap as course registration opens Nov. 1!