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Memories of Impermanence

A quarter of the way through Borrowed Finery, novelist Paula Fox’s new memoir, the author’s father makes a fitting observation.

New Albums

Stereolab Sound-Dust (Elektra) U.K.-based Stereolab has always been hard to peg. Purposefully fashioning kitsch out of electronic and traditional instrumentation,

The ICA Goes Global

The interplay between the individual and society, between self-definition and collective identity, and between cultural standards and human norms has

Fitter, Happier

By STACY A. PORTER CONTRIBUTING WRITER Just when it seemed Radiohead had cornered the market for man-against-machine concept albums, Canadian


DAVE GROHL IS A BIG TEASE. With a mop of dark shaggy hair covering his face and tight black pants

Foo Fighting: A preview of the upcoming Foo Fighters concert

In an age where popular music is becoming increasingly polarized between the catchy, navely sexual tunes of Britney and Christina

Maggi Brown

Long a staple of Boston's art scene, Maggi Brown probes the limits of her own consciousness in a new exhibit