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Harvard Highlights

By P. PATTY LI Crimson STAFF writer Harvard has always had a remarkable confidence in the importance and distinctiveness of


The Meaning of the End

The desperate search for meaning, closure and reassurance that typifies senior year (and practically suffocates senior spring) stems from the


Notable American Man

Ben Marcus, a writing instructor at Columbia University and author of a collection of short stories (The Age of Wire


New Books

The Devil’s LardeR by Jim Crace Published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux,165 pp.; $20 Being Dead, British author Jim Crace’s



Bad Dreams Swollen Members Swollen Members—it sounds like it might be a Tenacious D-esque musical comedy team. Yet, while their


Why I Love (the) Harvard (Band)

I own a crimson wool jacket and a black necktie with little drums on it. I know all the words

Out and About: Random River Ruckus

There is a certain charm in how an evening can turn out just right. Three Harvard student bands played for

Personal 'Corrections'

References to Jonathan Franzen’s “eagerly anticipated third novel” have been appearing in print for months; advance reader’s copies of The

Authors From Different Worlds Tackle America

What can be said about modern American culture? A huge question, to be sure, but a lot of us seem

POSTCARD FROM JERUSALEM: Studying the Middle East

JERUSALEM—I came to Jerusalem because I was lucky enough to get the money out of Harvard’s senior thesis grant machine,

Moving In

Harvard Yard is the quintessential symbol of the Harvard College experience. So when the women of the Class of 1976

Reading. Period.

For lovers of libraries and bookstores and books in general who also happen to be students, summer is the high

Something Borrowed: Sir Thomas More, the Musical!

The Utopia of Gilbert and Sullivan is a far cry from Sir Thomas More’s 16th century creation, and yet they

Something New: World Premiere in the Ex

The premise of Stephen, Scott’s Son, the new Phyllis Anderson Prize-winning play by Michael M. Ragozzino ’01, is rather unlikely.

Hermeneutics and What-not: Mommy, what’s a meta-magazine?

What is a hermenaut? The word itself is a combination of hermeneutics, which might be defined as “the art or