The Oh, Mama, Can this Really Be the End? Quiz

Another quiz? Well, why not? We've come a long way since the "Know-Your-President-Warts-and-All Quiz," and if we couldn't stop the war, at least we take partial credit for there being no Class Day speaker this year. What can this mean? Harvard teaches you to limit your goals.

Anyway, this is the last time we get to rip off Esquire. So long, suckers.


1 Who is this man? What round of the 1973 NFL draft did he go in?

2 What soccer star left Harvard in 1973 claiming. "Anything I learn here cannot be applied in Yugoslavia"?


3 What fad swept Quincy House in the spring of 1973, and why did Dean Epps attempt to stop it?

4 What professor chased six SDS members out of his classroom, yelling "Get the hell out of here" and shoving the slow ones?

5 Who did the Harvard Trivia Team bear, 201-175, in what captain Lewis First '76 described as "an upset"?

6 Who said on The Dating Game "What would you do if you got a date with me and then you found out that I was just a cheap skater"?

7 Why did Cambridge mayor Alfred E. Vellucci say he was supporting Harvard in the 1971 Game?

8 What were the final scores of the last hour Yale games?

9 Who started a "liberation" forum at the Business School in the fall of 1971, explaining. "We are all alone and insecure"?

Half the Sky

10 In February 1973, three weeks after Hillary Putnam quit the Progressive Labor party, what did his wife, Ruth, do?

11 What did a feminist group stage outside Lowell Lec in May 1973 to protest the lack of women's bathrooms at Harvard?