Kamin Plans to Expand His Original Testimony

He Will Not Request New Hearing From Jenner Probers

Social Relations instructor Leon J. Kamin '48 plans to supplement by affidavit his testimony before the Jenner Committee, the CRIMSON learned last night.

Contrary to reports in Saturday's Monitor and Post, he is not seeking another hearing before the Committee.

Two weeks ago, Kamin's lawyer, Oliver S. Allen, sent the Senate Subcommittee a letter, stating three questions the instructor wanted to answer. All were originally asked in Boston on March 20, when Kamin refused to answer on the grounds of the Fifth Amendment.

The questions were:

1. In your capacity as a teaching-fellow at Harvard University have you ever attempted to recruit your students into the Young Communist Leagure or the Communist Party?


2. Since yesterday, have you affected a tactical resignation from the Communist Party?

3. Have you ever attended secret meetings of the Communist Party in conjunction with, or in attendance by, members of the faculty of Harvard University?

Corporation Statement

Acording to the statement issued by the Corporation Tuesday, Kamin was a member of the Communist Party from 1945 to 1950, when he left without formal resignation. The Corporation gave the opinion that "Mr. Kamin has not been under Communist domination since he first became a teacher in 1951."

It has been reported, however, that members of the Corporation were anxious to have Kamin enlarge upon his testimony to the Senate group.

The Corporation cited Kamin for "misconduct" in his use of the Fifth Amendment.