Revamped Varsity Crew To Meet Middies, Penn

Whether the varsity shift will do away with the varsity drag remains to be seen this weekend, as a radically renovated Crimson crew meets Navy and Penn on the Severn Saturday afternoon.

Upon four men up from last week's Jv, and four holdovers from last week's varsity rest Coach Harvey Love's hopes for a win over the Navy and Pennsylvania boats.

Those hopes are slim: the Middies, in their opening race, took Princeton's measure by four lengths over the mile-and-three-quarter course, covering it in 8:43. The Crimson, which rowed 9:45 on that day, last week lost by a deck length to Princeton.


However, the varsity will probably be favored over Penn, in the main race on the Severn. The Crimson JV, equally renovated, and the freshmen will be rated about even with their Penn and Navy counterparts.

A major change in the varsity boat will place Larry Brownell at stroke, in place of sophomore Neddie Bliss. Brownell, though not inexperienced, had stroked the JVs in but one race before moving up.


John Atherton remains at seven, but at six, senior Link Boyden will move in to replace Bob Monks. Dick Darrell stays at five, but Captain Phil DuBois moves up a couple of notches from his former position at two.

JV Replacements

Two men who rowed in the JV last week enter the boat at four and three tomorrow; Jan Geertsman and Tom Adams will row in the places of Chris Hallo and DulBois, while former four man Lee Rouner goes out of the boat. Frank Huntington remains at bow, and Lefty Lefkowitz at cox.

The Middles now enjoy a winning streak of 16 straight races, and have seemed to observers of their first outing every bit as good a crew as the one which look the Olympics last year.

Pennsylvania, on the other hand, has managed to beat Rutgers by several lengths, but the Rutgers boat rowed a far poorer race than on the Charles two weeks ago.

The JV boating; bow, Simonds; 2, Henderson; 3, Halle; 4, Rouner; 5, Simonds; 6, Monks,; 7, Dann; stroke, Bliss; cox, Crowther.

The freshman boating; bow, Cushing; 2, Pond; 3, Martin; 4, Cunningham; 5, Hearne; 6, Markstaller; 7, Elis; stroke, Matthews.