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FOCUS: We Are Not Spineless

Harvard professors don’t scare easily. Though protected by life tenure and the prestige of an elite university, they are occasionally

Religious Spending Does Not Conflict With Church Vs. State

Religious Spending Does Not Conflict With Church Vs. State To the editors: “The Case for Separation” ( Staff Ed, March


Microwaves Are Legal

To the editors: Parker R. Conrad ’02-’03 does an admirable job exposing Harvard Student Agencies’ (HSA) MicroFridge monopoly ( Magazine,


How To Change the World

Harvard is a strange place to learn to change the world. The University is very good, of course, at training


Not in Good Hands

Under U.S. anti-discrimination laws, corporations aren’t supposed to retaliate against the workers who sue them. The idea is pretty simple;


Death and Taxes

People respond to incentives, the economists say, and it’s starting to look like they’re right. According to a study released


Robin Hood In Reverse

The Enron scandal has plenty of dirt to go around, as the Harvard Corporation has already discovered. But what will


Democratizing Harvard

The Progressive Student Labor Movement (PSLM) “has never just been about achieving a living wage,” as member Daniel DiMaggio ’04


A Different ‘Ethnic Studies’

The silent protest for ethnic studies on Feb. 13 was part of an increasingly vocal campaign to reform Harvard’s curriculum.


Violence and Valentine’s

“On Valentine’s Day, Remember Survivors of Sexual Assault.” Over the past week, this message was plastered across campus in a


Harvard's Enron Investigation

Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was asked to investigate whether Enron’s directors should be removed from the boards


Nonsense on Stilts

To some members of the Progressive Student Labor Movement (PSLM), the living wage is not a matter of charity—it is


A Matter of Principles

To be sure, the Harvard Committee on Employment and Contracting Policies (HCECP) has broken much new ground. It recommended a

Dissent: Russia Unreliable as Military Partner

While the staff is correct to note that Russia is not an enemy, it is also not so strong an


The Dead Hand of Harvard

It all started simply enough: a tax-exempt corporation had purchased some of the most valuable property in the area. The