Model Students: 15 Most Interesting Seniors 2010

FM selects the movers and shakers of the class of 2010.

Coming to Harvard, brilliant scholars, star athletes, talented virtuosos, and innovative humanitarians aren’t necessarily a rare find. Yet between freshman move-in and spring Commencement, certain students manage to become campus icons. FM presents our annual list of Harvard’s 15 most interesting seniors, profiled below:

Andre U. Akpan: The Athlete

Nworah B. Ayogu: The Connector

Trevor J. Bakker: The Humanitarian

Jonathan S. Brito: The Renaissance Man

Rachel A. Brown: The Artist

Darryl L. Finkton: The Humble Scholar

Charles F. Gillespie: The Runner

Heba El Habashy: The Fashionista

Windsor G. Hanger: The Glamor Guru

Kai-Cheng Ho: The Inspiration

Dara A. B. Johnson: The Personality

Eva Z. Lam: The Politician

Elizabeth S. Nowak: The Globetrotting Activist

Ezekiel O. Smith: The Maverick

Winston X. Yan: The Entrepreneur