Model Students: 15 Most Interesting Seniors 2010

FM profiles the icons of Harvard's senior class.

Daniela Nogueira

15 Most Interesting Seniors 2010

Coming to Harvard, brilliant scholars, star athletes, talented virtuosos, and innovative humanitarians aren’t necessarily a rare find. Yet between freshman move-in and spring Commencement, certain students manage to become campus icons. FM presents our annual list of Harvard’s 15 most interesting seniors, profiled below:

Andre U. Akpan: The Athlete

Nworah B. Ayogu: The Connector

Trevor J. Bakker: The Humanitarian

Jonathan S. Brito: The Renaissance Man

Rachel A. Brown: The Artist

Darryl L. Finkton: The Humble Scholar

Charles F. Gillespie: The Runner

Heba El Habashy: The Fashionista

Windsor G. Hanger: The Glamor Guru

Kai-Cheng Ho: The Inspiration

Dara A. B. Johnson: The Personality

Eva Z. Lam: The Politician

Elizabeth S. Nowak: The Globetrotting Activist

Ezekiel O. Smith: The Maverick

Winston X. Yan: The Entrepreneur