Five Things: Halloween Edition

Sascha Bercovitch


With a sexy skunk costume coming in at 108.95 hard-earned dollars on, times have never been tougher. When times get tough, the tough get going, or in this case, they get creative. For those willing to be a little resourceful, here is a guide to putting together outfits that will leave an impression without emptying your checking account.

1. Tom Cruise’s Character From Risky Business:

Before Suri and Scientology, Cruise was singing “Old Time Rock and Roll” without pants on. His look offers affordability, along with maximum mobility for whatever action the night may bring.

College Events Board Wayfarer Sunglasses: $0.

Shorts: Boxers (Merona Knit Boxer, Target, $5.00)

Socks: Hopefully, you’ve got these bad boys covered, $0.

Dress Shirt (pink preferred): Girls, finagle one from a male friend and guys, break out those button-downs.

Total: $5.00

2.  The Cast of Jersey Shore:

Take on the GTL regimen without breaking a sweat.

G: Forget the gym—gel (Ampro Pro Styl Clear Ice Gel, CVS, $1.39) or a teasing comb (Conair Dressing Comb, CVS, $1.99) are your new best friends for a hair-raising Halloween.

T: While Cambridge might be hurting for UV rays, some bronzer (Wet ‘n’ Wild Ultimate Minerals Bronzer, CVS, $2.99) can provide the same natural orange glow.

L: That graphic tee or muscle tank lurking in your bottom drawer should get the job done—$0.

Total: $4.38 or $4.98


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