Mad Lib: Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern;

I am _______________ (excited/enthralled/wetting my pants) to read about your recent internship opening. I would love to join the ____________ (team/family/Goldman Sachs Company) which I have _________ (always wanted to work for/just googled right now).

I have the skills necessary for __________________(consulting/finance/consulting). I have taken courses in ____________________ (statistics/economics/loitering) and have a _____ (4.0/GPA).

I am the president of _____________________(WIB/HCC/IOP/RandomAcronym that you probably won’t look up) and on the _____________(board/email list of every other club on campus). In my spare time, I also_____________________ (discovered a virus/campaigned for Obama/explored using other fonts for this cover letter but then just went with Times anyways).

I have countless work experience including research work for_______________________ (a nonprofit/a professor/SLS-20) and I have__________ (volunteered/done service work/painted a bench) abroad in ______(Guatemala/China/the Quad).

I am proficient in ____________________(Spanish/Kirgiz/Mandarin/the dirty words in sign language), and am familiar with _________ (Facebook/Twitter/the new “retro” Myspace), and am an expert at Microsoft Word.

I have strong ____________ (organizational/leadership/communication) skills that would be invaluable to your company.

All in all, I am a ___________(good fit for your company/overall amazing person/related to your CEO).

Please don’t hesitate to call with __________________(questions/feedback about my font choice/a signing bonus).


First, Middle Initial, Last, Roman Numeral


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