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30 Nights: Y2Y Homeless Shelter

Y2Y, Harvard Square's only youth homeless shelter, has hosted 60 guests since its opening. While the vast majority have responded positively, the shelter's staff and volunteers acknowledge that they can only do so much to tackle the immense and intractable problem of homelessness.

Massachusetts Hall

Recent Graduate Sues Harvard Over Sexual Harassment Case

A recent Harvard College graduate filed a lawsuit against Harvard University, charging that College and University administrators mishandled a response to her sexual harassment case and allowed an alleged perpetrator to live in Cabot House with her.

Harvard Institute of Technology

Harvard Institute of Technology

Disparities between the computer science communities at Harvard and MIT are probably due in large part to the way each was programmed. About 100 years ago, Harvard was programmed, more or less, to neglect Engineering in general, and Computer Science in particular.

Harvard Business School

Faculty Overwhelmingly Donate to Clinton

Ninety-one percent of contributions to current presidential candidates made by Harvard faculty, instructors, and researchers in 2015 went to former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton.

Student Groups

In Debate Over Names, History and Race Relations Collide

In the the midst of discussions across Harvard about historical legacies and race, University President Drew G. Faust said that Harvard should not begin renaming its buildings or titles en masse.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Photos and Video from the 132nd playing of The Game in New Haven, Connecticut.

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

If they garner enough support, questions that ask students to vote on measures that are far from actionable—even joke questions—can make it to the voting box.

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard

Harvard police received an unconfirmed bomb threat via email on Monday, prompting an evacuation of four buildings in and around Harvard Yard before it was determined to be unfounded. The Crimson's multimedia staff documents the scene as the investigation unfolded.


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes

In an email to club graduate officers, undergraduate president Coby C. Buck ’16 wrote that 31 of 36 undergraduates members in good standing with the A.D. oppose any changes in the club’s membership policy.

Acceptance Letters

Group Continues Push To Intervene in Admissions Lawsuit

Lawyers representing a pro-affirmative action group of current and prospective Harvard students argued against the court’s rejection of the group’s motion to intervene in an ongoing lawsuit against the College last week.

Body Talk

Body Talk

While discussions about mental health often occur at Harvard today, many students say issues around body image and eating disorders remain in the shadows. Those affected suffer, for the most part, quietly and unsure of whom to turn to for help.

Faculty Meeting

Faculty Hear Emerging Details on Renewed Gen Ed Program

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences together heard emerging details of what a renewed program in General Education could look like in the aftermath of the release of a report that deemed the College’s foundational curriculum “failing on a variety of fronts.”

Acceptance Letters

In Fisher Amicus Brief, Harvard Defends Affirmative Action

In the 27-page brief, Harvard urged the Court to continue permitting the consideration of race as a factor in college admissions processes, arguing that a diverse student body is “a compelling interest that justifies race-conscious admissions in higher education.”

The Band at Convocation

Class of 2019: Beliefs and Lifestyles

Part III of The Crimson’s survey of the Class of 2019 looks at the beliefs and lifestyles of the incoming freshmen.

Administrators on the Stage

Class of 2019: Academics & Extracurriculars

Part II of The Crimson's survey of the Class of 2019 examines the academic and extracurricular pursuits of the incoming freshmen.