Social Sciences Division

women who leave illustration 2

The Women Who Leave

A combination of formal processes and informal forces disadvantage women on the FAS tenure track, pushing some to leave before they come up for tenure review.

Native Peoples, Native Politics
Harvard Law School

Forging A Path for Native American Studies

Though offerings in Native American studies at Harvard are few and far between, a small number of committed students and faculty are dedicated to maximizing the resources available to them, and hope to see more opportunities in the future.

The Global Exposure Project Pop-Up Exhibition
Visual Arts

Pop-Up Exhibit Features Student Photography

Photographs from around the world are scattered throughout the third floors of the Harvard Peabody and Natural History Museums this week as a part of a pop-up exhibit called “Global Exposure.”

Social Sciences Division

Fairbank Center Forms Student Group, Citing Interest in China

Members of the newly-formed Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Student Advisory Committee met for the first time this week to discuss how to increase undergraduate involvement at the Center.

William James Hall

William James Hall

The social studies department, located in William James Hall, has been criticized by those looking to study non-Western perspectives.

Map of Harvard's Cambridge-Based Centers of International Study
Social Sciences Division

Map of Harvard's Cambridge-Based Centers of International Study

Map of Harvard's Cambridge-Based Centers of International Study within the Social Sciences division of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

William James Hall

Dominance of Western Perspectives Troubles the Social Sciences

American and Western European foci and schools of thought continue to dominate social science fields at Harvard, frustrating some students and faculty even as other perspectives and methods grow.

Social Sciences Division

New Dean of Social Sciences Focuses on Junior Faculty

​Since taking the helm of the Social Sciences division last fall, Dean Claudine Gay said she is prioritizing improving the experience of junior faculty members on the tenure track, which at Harvard is notoriously rigorous.


Professor Discusses Role of Islam in ISIS

Jocelyne Cesari, a visiting professor of Religion and Politics at the Harvard Divinity School, discussed the politicization of Islam by the Islamic State at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies Tuesday evening.


After Gen Ed Proposal, Teaching Campaign Looks Ahead

After a committee reviewing General Education recommended a program-wide section target of 12 students, members of a graduate student campaign aimed at lowering section sizes are reevaluating their priorities.

Harvard Teaching Campaign Petition

Teaching Fellows Praise New Gen Ed Targets

Teaching fellows reacted positively to a recent report by the committee tasked with reviewing the General Education Program.

Early Action Admissions 2020

College Accepts 14.8 Percent of Early Applicants to Class of 2020

While the size of the early action pool increased slightly—about 4.3 percent larger than last year—the acceptance rate fell 1.7 percent, with 918 students receiving offers of admission.

Space Capsule Simulation

In Out of the Box Lecture, Student Learns From a Cardboard Box

As the College looks to increase its focus on teaching and learning, one professor is thinking out of this world—giving a lecture on space travel on Wednesday while one of his students sat inside a small, 1.5 cubic meter cardboard box.

“Why Disciplines Persist”
Humanities Division

Garber Talks Importance of Academic Disciplines

Titled “Why Disciplines Persist,” the lecture followed an eight-year hiatus after the first Provostial Lecture, given by former University Provost Steven E. Hyman.

Niall Ferguson Speaks on Kissinger
On Campus

Niall Ferguson Speaks on Kissinger

Center for European Studies research associate Mary Sarotte speaks with History professor Niall Ferguson about his Henry Kissinger biography Kissinger: Volume 1. 1923-1968: The Idealist at the JFK Jr. Forum Wednesday night.