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George Lipsitz

Speaker Calls Ferguson ‘Failure of the Humanities'

George Lipsitz, a sociology and black studies professor at University of California Santa Barbara, called for the reorientation of the academic humanities toward promoting social justice in a discussion Friday afternoon.


Learning with Experienced Speakers, Non-Native Language Students Face Challenges

While several languages at Harvard offer separate tracks for more experienced speakers, others do not divide students into different tracks, leaving some students struggling to catch up to their more experienced peers.

Performing Latinidad

Around the Yard, Spanish Class Uses Performance Art To Discuss Identity

Students in Spanish 126: “Performing Latinidad” processed around Harvard Yard on Thursday morning, hanging signs and quotations on trees and reciting poetry and prose.


Structure of Theater Concentration Outlined for Faculty

The structure of a concentration in Theater, Dance, and Media to be discussed at the March 3 Faculty meeting has been outlined in a proposal.


Proposed Theater Concentration Would Draw on Existing Courses

A proposed concentration in Theater, Dance, and Media would draw heavily from existing resources, using current teaching staff and curricula from across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and outside groups.

Snow Piles Taller Than Tourists

Melting Snow Prompts Writing Center To Relocate Offices

The Writing Center's tutors will hold conferences and weeknight drop-in hours in Lamont Library B40 starting Monday and continuing until further notice.

East Asian Languages and Civilizations Housed at 5 Bryant St.
Harvard in the City

East Asian Languages and Civilizations Housed at 5 Bryant St.

Language offices in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations are housed in a re-purposed residential home at 5 Bryant Street. Department administrators said the space does not have the capacity to accommodate approximately 40 instructors and administrators.

Little Space in Offices at  Bryant St.
Harvard in the City

Little Space in Offices at Bryant St.

Around 40 instructors and administrators share office space in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations offices at 5 Bryant Street, often four or five to one bedroom-size room. The department previously requested space upgrades.

East Asian Languages and Civilizations Housed at 5 Bryant St.

As Faculty Reaches Largest Size, Departments Face Space Constraints

Occupying old buildings, adapted residential homes, and shared spaces, several departments in the social sciences and arts and humanities divisions must use every available inch of office space in order to accommodate instructors, classrooms, and events.

SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex

Faculty Discuss Potential Arts Spaces in Allston

Three major affiliates of the Arts and Humanities Division—the American Repertory Theater and the departments of Music and Visual and Environmental Studies—are considering finding spaces in Allston.

SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex

SEAS Refines Plans for Move to Allston

Administrators and planning committees at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are continuing to outline broad goals for the eventual relocation of their school to Allston.


Humanities Frameworks Courses Change in Their Second Year

The professors in charge of the Humanities Frameworks courses have adapted their syllabi, expanding the interdisciplinary nature of the courses.

Hammonds on Diversity in Science

Hammonds Discusses Diversity in Science

Former Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds spoke Wednesday afternoon to dozens of Harvard affiliates about diversity in fields of scientific research.

Mastering Style: The Learning and Teaching of Writing
Humanities Division

Pinker, Abramson Teach Writing Style

The event, entitled “Mastering Style: The Learning and Teaching of Writing,” was organized by the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching.

Harvard Undergraduate Humanities Initiative

Harvard Undergraduate Humanities Initiative

Diana Sorensen, dean of the Arts and Humanities Division, addresses a group of students Thursday night during a discussion of skepticism in the humanities.

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard

Central Administration

In Op-Ed, Law Profs Call for University Governance Changes

Jeffrey K. McDonough Artwork

Not a 9-to-5 Job

Advising Programs Office Under Construction

Freshman Advising: Under Construction