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Mastering Style: The Learning and Teaching of Writing
Humanities Division

Pinker, Abramson Teach Writing Style

The event, entitled “Mastering Style: The Learning and Teaching of Writing,” was organized by the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching.

Harvard Undergraduate Humanities Initiative

Harvard Undergraduate Humanities Initiative

Diana Sorensen, dean of the Arts and Humanities Division, addresses a group of students Thursday night during a discussion of skepticism in the humanities.

Student Groups

Students Discuss Perception of Humanities

The Harvard Undergraduate Humanities Initiative held a discussion on perceptions of the humanities Thursday.

Art Museum Feature
Visual Arts

Newly Opened, Art Museums Prepare To Engage Undergrads

Now that the Museums have officially opened to the public, administrators hope to make the Museums accessible and attractive to Harvard’s youngest affiliates.

Humanities and Sciences
Humanities Division

Humanities and Sciences

Harvard College Prof. Steven A. Pinker engaged in a conversation about the transcendence of the humanities and sciences with Edgar Pierce Prof. Susanna C. Siegel in light of the recent discussions about the importance of the humanities compared to the sciences.

Humanities and Sciences
Humanities Division

Profs Argue for Integration of Sciences, Humanities

Psychology professor Steven A. Pinker and Philosophy professor Susanna Siegel talked about integrating the sciences and humanities.


Faculty, Alumni Celebrate 40 Years of Comparative Religion

The two-day celebration was designed to show undergraduates how the study of religion opened doors to careers in a wide range of industries, such as law, politics, the arts, and academia.

Barker Center Cafe Opening
On Campus

Barker Center Cafe Opening

Liz Maynes-AminZade, a lecturer in History and Literature, welcomes community members to the grand opening of the Barker Center Cafe.

Massachusetts Hall
Visual Arts

New Concentration Was Years in the Making

Although implementation is just a series of approvals away, much has yet to be determined for Harvard’s first-ever dramatic arts concentration.

Barker Center Cafe Opening
Food and Drink

Barker Café Formally Reopens

The café welcomed community members to an open house that featured refreshments, as well as a glimpse at its new interior design.

Stirring of Culture
Humanities Division

Stirring of Culture

On Monday evening at the Barker Center Room 110, Homi Bhabha, the Director of the Mahindra Humanities Center, moderates the discussion on social change.

Barker Center Cafe Re-Opens
Food and Drink

Renovated Barker Cafe To Feature Hi-Rise, Counter Culture

The cafe’s opening marks the implementation of a long-delayed plan to make the location a point of intersection for arts and humanities on campus.


Undergrad Initiative Aims To Revitalize Humanities

The students at the meeting emphasized the need for a more visible, centralized place to explore post-graduation applications of the humanities outside of traditional paths like professional school or academia.

Growth of SEAS
Humanities Division

Growth of SEAS

Growth of SEAS

Faculty Grows to Largest Size Ever, Report Shows

The size of the faculty had remained flat since the onset of the financial crisis until the last fiscal year. Its renewed growth comes even as the school ran a $77 million deficit, according to a copy of the draft report obtained on Monday.

Eldo Kim

News Analysis: Could Eldo Kim Return to Harvard?

Protestors on Mass Ave

Seen and Heard: Harvard's March Through Cambridge

Track and Cross Country

Decorated Thrower Looks To Continue Success


Reconstruction 3.0