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Student Life

Dispatches from Lamont: Srinidhi S. Reddy '11

This week, we'll bring you dispatches from fellow students in Lamont as they fight valiantly against looming deadlines and final exams.


HAA Makes Typo, Amends

In an e-mail sent out yesterday to the Class of 1975, the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) apologized profusely for what some would consider at most a spelling error. Apparently, the recently printed Thirty-fifth Class Report omitted the "e" from "Radcliffe" on the book's spine.

College Life

FREE FOOD ALERT: DAPA to Ease Woes of Calendar Reform

In case you haven’t heard, Harvard’s Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors have cooked up another sweet deal at b.good for ...

College Life

Monkey Business at Yale

Yalies were treated to an uneasy awakening yesterday morning as students were alerted via email of dangerous escaped lab monkeys ...

Harvard Law School

America's Next Great Pundit? With Finals Coming Up, Maybe Not.

As you may have read earlier this week, The Washington Post recently named Jeremy L. Haber, a joint J.D./M.B.A. student at HLS and the B School, as one of its four remaining finalists in the newspaper's "America's Next Great Pundit" contest. Unfortunately, the Internet has voted, and Haber came in fourth, receiving about 7 percent of the vote in the seventh round. Legal tabloid Above The Law has reported that Haber chalked up his loss to difficulties balancing the competition with his schoolwork.

College Life

Recap: “Wheels”

Glee finally, finally, finally returns to our lives, and in this episode President Will keeps turning everything into life-ruining “teaching moments.” (spoilers ahead in FlyBy’s final Gleecap)

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DAPA To Cure Munchies, Kill Hangovers

DAPA's on a roll. Just a couple of weeks ago Harvard’s Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors brought us their memorable,

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Recap: “Mash-Up”

Slushies! Everywhere! (spoilers ahead).

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Recap: "Throwdown"

<p>Future YDN-reporter Jacob: “Have you been reading my blog?”</p><p>Stunning young ingénue Rachel: “Of course not. You’re a gossip monger, and your blog is nothing but trash and lies.”</p><p>Read on for this week's trash and lies (spoliers ahead).

Recap: "Throwdown"

Future YDN -reporter Jacob: “Have you been reading my blog?” Stunning young ingénue Rachel: “Of course not. You’re a gossip

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EXCERPT: Lampoon's New Book

<p>“Oh Harvard Lampoon, must you ruin everything that's sacred?” asks the Globe. Well, we can’t remember the last time the semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine did much of anything, let alone ruined something through satire, but it looks like they're giving it a try this year.</p><p>The 'Poon has announced the completion of its second parody novel, Nightlight: A Parody, a satiric take on the oh-so-popular Twilight phenomenon. The book follows Belle Goose, a young girl who becomes convinced the new boy in school is a vampire and her soulmate, despite evidence that he thinks girls are "repulsive." The Edward character from the real novel goes by Edwart in this version, a name which the book itself informs us is "Much funnier than Edward."</p><p>(more, including a link to an excerpt of the book!, after the jump)

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Recap: "Vitamin D"

<p>The kids are “sleepwalking” through their rehearsals, even though sectionals are just a few bars away. What’s gotten into the team, and how will Mr. Schue get them back in the zone? Meanwhile, Sue plots to destroy Will by stirring up the Will-Terri-Emma-Ken love rectangle… (spoilers after the jump).

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