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On Campus

Harvard Students Support SaferTaxi iPhone App

Five Harvard undergraduates are helping SaferTaxi, a start-up that aims to improve the safety and comfort of taxi rides, launch a free iPhone application for use in the Boston area starting next week.

On Campus

Hogwarts Coming Near You

Across campus, students are donning their capes and polishing their broomsticks—not for Halloween—but for the opening of the much-anticipated seventh ...

Undergraduate Council

Volleyball Game vs. Yale Tonight in MAC at 7 p.m.

If you’re having trouble waiting for the Game in November or looking to vent that pent-up energy from midterms, try out your new free Harvard t-shirt at the Undergraduate Council’s inaugural Crimson Game of the Week: Women’s Volleyball vs. Yale, tonight at 7 p.m. in the MAC.

Student Life

An Excuse to Trick-or-Treat

If you’re looking for an excuse to trick-or-treat this Halloween, Harvard UNICEF is offering a unique opportunity. On Oct. 30, ...


Cost of Care Essay Contest

Though UHS provides Harvard students with flu shots for free, exorbitant health care costs burden millions of Americans every year. ...

J Term

January Arts Intensives

Predict you’ll be feeling artsy (or bored) during the month of January? Apply by 5 p.m. on Oct. 18 for the newly created January Arts Intensives, free for all Harvard undergraduates.


Sept. 27-Oct. 7: Open & Gross

Though Harvard has been relatively tame over the last few weeks, several incidents have proven that Cantabrigians are an eternally ...


Weld Does Pledge of Allegiance

Some students of Harvard show their appreciation for America by observing (sleeping late on) Columbus Day, others by religiously following ...


Sept. 10-Sept. 26: Suspicious Lunches, Suspicious Drinking

During the last few weeks of September, HUPD has continued to respond to numerous reports of “suspicious activity” and “unwanted guests.” These reports, alongside increased noise complaints and reports of “loud parties” have made the last few weeks here at Harvard pretty interesting. Take a look!


The Big Decision: Harvard or Yale?

On April 1, a few hundred high school seniors found themselves in a truly terrible situation: having to choose between ...


Harvard is a Dangerous Place

We always hear jokes about New Haven being way more dangerous than Cambridge, but according to The Daily Beast, it looks like Harvard has trumped Yale once again.

Get a Job

Recruiters Think Big (State Schools)

Despite a seemingly bleak job market, a recent Wall Street Journal survey of 479 companies revealed that recruiters hired over 43,000 grads in the previous year.


Aug. 29-Sept. 9: Strange Noises (and Smells) in the Night

In the first few weeks of the fall term, HUPD responded frequently to reports of “suspicious activity” and “annoying calls.” Check out some of the weirder excerpts from the most recent logs: