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Visual Arts

Portrait of an Artist: Jeff T. Sheng '02

VES visiting lecturer and former Harvard student Jeff T. Sheng marries art with BGLTQ activism.


Cymbals Eat Guitars Excels on Sophomore Release

With a stark instrumental palette and a penchant for cultivating restlessness, “Lenses Alien” binds together chaos and cohesiveness in a brilliantly charged opus.

On Campus

Sackler Honors the Scientific Artists of the Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci famously mastered both art and science, blending them in some of his greatest innovations—but he was far ...

On Campus

Transformation from Paper to Play

Playwrights navigate an artistic maze to translate a play from script to performance.

On Campus

African Diaspora Explored through Dance

Lovely D. Nicolas stomps and dances across the Lowell Lecture Hall stage as her mother, Elizabeth A. McAlister, speaks at the podium. Nicolas, with swinging hips and jerking shoulders, is giving her mother’s words powerful bodily life.


Lykke Li Creates Dark, Enchanting Pop

Lykke Li comes into her own on "Wounded Rhymes," developing strikingly rich lyrics supported by a new, cohesive sound.


Cut Copy Get Anthemic on ‘Zonoscope’

Cut Copy ultimately—and miraculously—keep their ambitious production aloft through unwaveringly strong musicianship and unabashedly expansive takes on traditional pop themes.




The Decemberists Short-Change Lyrics on Latest

"The King is Dead" delivers pop-rock satisfaction, but fails to enthrall or captivate

On Campus

Who's Using

Sure, hasn’t quite scored a million hits, but roughly 300 students (including one Crimson writer) have met at randomly arranged, “non-romantic” lunches coordinated by the website in the short time since Seth A. Riddley '12 founded it last week.

On Campus

Organ Gives Life to Choral Sound

Edward Elgar’s hymn “Great is the Lord” is a piece practically made for the organ, as it surges forward in ...


Weekend Explore Previously Uncharted Musical Grounds

In a time when many shoegaze artists are working to expand the genre through layers of production and woozy synthesizers, Weekend’s debut LP “Sports” feels like a back-to-basics, anti-technology shoegaze revival in the vein of classic punk.


Astrophysics Professor Discovers Celestial ‘Bubbles’

A Harvard professor recently discovered two large bubble-shaped structures around the center of our galaxy, identifying a phenomenon that could facilitate scientists’ research into galaxy formation and black holes.


‘New Chain’ Complex at the Cost of Intimacy

“New Chain” certainly sees Small Black flexing their composition muscles with the expansive production opportunities a studio provides.


Steven Page Scrawls Parody On His ‘Page One’

Amidst all the flashy buildup and clever laughs, Page loses an air of relatable authenticity that could have (and has) made his work into great pop.