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Harvard Today: Oct. 8, 2013

It's Tuesday, which means it's not Monday but it's also not Friday yet. Hang in there—it's almost hump day! Here's what going on at Harvard today.

Harvard Today
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Harvard Today: Oct. 7, 2013

Ah, Monday—we meet again. Let's all roll out of bed and get this over with. To make the beginning of the week a little less painful, here's a summary of what's happening on campus today.

Final Clubs

Final Clubs: Love ’Em or Leave ’Em?

What role do Harvard’s final clubs play on campus? Do they represent the worst in a culture of elitism or are they perfectly legitimate institutions whose social events and spaces are a positive presence on campus? Clearly, campus opinion is divided on these questions. But how does that divide actually break down?

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Harvard Today: Sept. 23, 2013

Another weekend come and gone. Eat away your Monday sorrows with some free Yogurtland, and see below to check out what else is going on at Harvard today.

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On Campus

Harvard Today: Sept. 16, 2013

Happy Monday! Everyone’s favorite day of the week is upon us once again, so put a spring in your step as you bound out the door this morning, and check out what’s going on at Harvard today.

Animals on Campus



Baby Squirrel Deals with Attachment Issues

The baby squirrel that has been frequenting Kirkland Courtyard of late does not appear to have made any strides in his development of self-dependency. In addition to continued displays of freakish domestication and unnatural levels of comfort around humans, the baby squirrel is now laying claim to backpacks and does not appear to be leaving any time soon.


Flicks To See After Finals

Whether you're looking to relive the days of Prohibition or want to jet off on the USS Enterprise, summer movie season is here to satisfy your cinematic needs.

Student Life

Adams House

This year, Adams House seems to be pushing as its main perks its dining hall and gold digs. But as anyone who knows and loves this occasionally war-mongering House will tell you, there's a lot more to Adams than meets the eye. A perennial favorite, centrally-located Adams is the House of gargoyles, gilded walls, and a whole lot more (the list, as you'll see, goes on and on).


Presidential PILFs

From Richard Nixon's "I am not a crook"-ery to Bill Clinton's blue dress shenanigans, years of presidential transgressions have proven that nothing is sacred and the White House is anything but. Which is why we don't have too many qualms in using this Presidents' Day to shamelessly objectify our Commanders-in-Chief and consider which of the 44 we would most like to hit up on Tinder.


Procrastination Playlist: An Audio Guide to Your Typical Night of 'Studying'

Now that the semester has begun in earnest, long hours at Lamont and nights when you "meant to go to brain break for 15 minutes but stayed for three hours" are just around the corner. Fortunately, Flyby has compiled a study playlist to help guide you through your most unproductive evenings.

On Campus

To Do: Snow Day

Let's be real, this is the most snow we're going to have for a while. So ditch your real to do list, bundle up, and head outside. We at Flyby have created your Snow Day itinerary.


Thank You HUDS and FMO!

Thank You HUDS and FMO!
On Campus

HUDS and FMO Save Us from Starvation, Slipping on Sidewalks

Unless you've been under a rock, you probably already know that HUDS and FMO workers basically saved the day today.


Throwback Thursday: Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. '38

After a recent tumble through cyberspace, Flyby came across this old photograph of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., brother of President John F. Kennedy, chilling in Winthrop's Gore courtyard. The acronym that never was, JPK graduated from Harvard in 1938 and attended Harvard Law School before enlisting in the Navy during World War II (he was later killed in action). Here, Joe keeps things classy but casual in a sport coat while reminding us that our genes will never be as good-looking as his. If you're suffering from a particularly strong case of Kennedy nostalgia, head over to Winthrop House and sit where JPK once sat. The JFK Suite is located just a few yards away, in F entryway.




I Am Not at a Cafe


Away in Argentina

Land of Fog

Land of Fog