Stories of Internment
On Campus

Stories of Internment

Sam Mihara, who lived in an internment camp with his family during World War II, presented to Harvard Law students on his experience and those of other Japanese-Americans during the War. He said the modern political climate threatens freedom, though “it may not be the Japanese next time.”


Faculty Weigh in on History as Depicted in ‘Hamilton’

Professor of history and law Annette Gordon-Reed has criticized the musical’s depiction of America’s founding narrative as historical truth.

Peabody Mermaid

The Littlest Mermaid

Just the gift I've always wanted: a brand-new mummified fish monster.

Marxist Studies

A Trip to the Kremlim

Up the staircase of one small storefront at 550 Mass. Ave. is a particularly revolutionary spot: The Center for Marxist Studies.

Massachusetts Hall

University Committee Will Study Diversity on Campus

​A University-wide committee of professors, staff, and alumni will begin to evaluate Harvard’s efforts to create an inclusive environment and recommend improvements, the University announced Wednesday—nearly a year after the College called for such a group’s formation.

Student Life

Center for European Studies Offers Secondary Field

​This fall, the Center for European Studies unveiled a secondary field in European History, Politics, and Societies.


Stephen L. Carter Argues Slavery’s Effects on the Law

Yale Law School Professor Stephen L. Carter argued the relevance of slavery in the United States by addressing its impact on the law in the first installment of his W.E.B. Du Bois Lecture Series on Tuesday.

Laurel Ulrich

Laurel T. Ulrich

“I had the excitement of pioneering women’s history," Ulrich explains.

Morning Prayers with Faust
Central Administration

Faust Calls for Confronting the Past Ahead of New School Year

University President Drew G. Faust explored the importance of “confronting difficult truths” at Wednesday’s Morning Prayers.

Peabody Museum

Harvard Loses Copyright Infringement Claim

​A district court judge in New Mexico ruled against Harvard in a copyright infringement claim the University brought against the author of a Native American research novel late last month.

Drew Faust Inauguration
Central Administration

Governing the Past: Faust the Historian

While her career has progressed further and further away from her days of scholarship, University President Drew G. Faust’s acute sense of institutional history has only sharpened.

Humanities Division

Daniel Aaron, Pioneer in American Studies, Dies at 103

Daniel Aaron, a professor at Harvard and an academic who helped develop the field of American Studies, died Saturday at Mt. Auburn Hospital at the age of 103 because of pneumonia complications.

Administrators on the Stage

Harvard Affiliates Tell Stories of Rejection in BSC Project

If one were to be asked what the Harvard's College Dean, the interim Dean of Student Life, and the Director of University Health Services had in common, few would answer that all of them were rejects.​

“House Master” Title Change

Mather House Examines Namesake's Past

Mather House residents have begun a process to investigate the controversial past of their House’s namesake.

Louis Agassiz
Harvard in the World

Retrospection: Agassiz's Expeditions in Brazil

But for Agassiz, the trip to Brazil was about more than science. Not only was evolution—a process not immediately observable to the human eye—deeply antithetical to Agassiz’s staunch empiricism, evolution was profoundly at odds with his perceived world order.