Jesse D. McCarthy

McCarthy Hired as English, African and African American Studies Assistant Prof

"Jesse McCarthy stood out unequivocally as the hottest new star on the horizon,” the Chair of the African and African American Studies wrote of the new hire.

Student Groups

English Department Launches Peer-Led ‘Critical Pizza’ Talks

The weekly peer-led discussions are held over pizza. Organizers said they hope the informal environment will encourage more students to explore literary criticism.

Barker Center

Demand For Creative Writing Classes Reaches All-Time High

​The English Department received a record number of applications to its creative writing program this academic year, according to the program’s director.

Kazuo Ishiguro

Professor Studies Book Exteriors

​While most English professors are largely concerned with what’s inside a book, David J. Alworth studies a text’s exterior.

Writers in the Parlor: Fact and Fiction

Journalists Debate Power of News Media

While Abramson said she remains a staunch believer in the power of news, Adams said that the public’s thirst for sensational material prevents it from actually improving society.

Steph Burt

Steph Burt

Professor Steph Burt in her book-filled office.

Steph Burt

Hey Professor: Science Fictional Future

We need ways to imagine a future that is different from the present, because the present isn't really working out all that well and because we would like the future to be different.

Art and Politics

New English Requirement Fuels Debate Over Canon

​When English department chair James W. Simpson told The Crimson on March 23 that future concentrators would be required to take at least one course that featured authors “marginalized for historical reasons,” he met a chorus of off-campus objections.

Lena K. Felton

Endpaper: Final Postcard from Home

Harvard isn’t an easy place. It seems to run on anxiety, which first struck me when I moved into a too-small dorm room on a muggy August day more than three years ago.

Barker Center 114

English Department Diversity Course Requirement Approved

English concentrators will soon be required to enroll in a course featuring authors who may have been excluded in the past for their race, gender, or sexuality.

Barker Center
Humanities Division

English Department Proposes Diversity Requirement

The English Department proposes new requirements for curricular diversity.

Students Crowd Humanities 10a Lecture
College Life

Humanities 10 Students Spend Wintersession with 'Ulysses'

While many relished the last week of their winter vacation, 24 enthusiastic students returned to campus a week early for a Wintersession course on James Joyce’s “Ulysses.”

On Campus

Making Space: Diversity, Inclusion, and the Arts at Harvard

As Harvard’s undergraduate student body has grown ever more diverse, many challenges remain in making the University a fully inclusive institution for all those admitted. According to The Crimson’s annual survey of graduating seniors, students of color at Harvard are less likely to concentrate in the arts and humanities than their white peers. But both faculty and students say that making the arts more open has rarely been so important.


Professors Find Ways to Bring Election into the Lesson Plan

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make the final push before Election Day on Nov. 8, Harvard faculty are working to integrate the historic moment into their teaching.

Interfaculty Initiatives

Spooky Shakespeare HarvardX Course Debuts on Halloween

A new massive open online course will debut on HarvardX Monday, but with a special Halloween twist: the course is titled “Hamlet’s Ghost.”