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Sacvan Bercovitch, Courageous Literary Scholar, Dies at 81

Bercovitch, a leader in the field of American studies, died of cancer on Dec. 9. He was 81.


Albright Remembered as Whimsical English and Music Teacher

Daniel Albright, a professor of Literature, author of 16 books, and a former Guggenheim Fellow, died unexpectedly on Jan. 3. He was 69.

Reina A.E. Gattuso '15

Four Dollar Wine Critic: Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, Yes

It’s Halloweekend, folks, and fuck if I’m paying for my own alcohol. Also, I spent my work-study money on lingerie, because this Halloween, I’m going as Molly Bloom. Molly Bloom, a character in James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” is a fierce bitch, and the novel ends on her “yes” of orgasmic affirmation. She is an artist and a badass motherfucker who eats sausages for breakfast.

The Oval

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard

A Cross-Country Battle over American Higher Education.

Professor Summers
On Campus

This Week in FM (10/23/14)

Massachusetts Hall
Visual Arts

New Concentration Was Years in the Making

Although implementation is just a series of approvals away, much has yet to be determined for Harvard’s first-ever dramatic arts concentration.

Barker Center Cafe
Food and Drink

Beatnik at the Barker

Breaking news: the dream of the ’90s is alive in our very own Barker Café. On Oct. 16, hipster Harvard students and professors were finally relieved of their pent-up anguish and at last given a quality coffee stop besides the distressingly mainstream Lamont Café or pricey Square establishments.

Yard Yoga
On Campus

Today In Photos (10/09/2014)

 English Department

English Department

A student stands in one of the reception areas in the English Department, located in the Barker Center, on Wednesday.


Daisy Chain: Books

FM asked the following seniors about their favorite books and genres, the novels they’re excited to read, and the works they wish they had time to learn more about. Each recommended a bookshelf they admired, and we followed the extensive trail.


In Defense of Full-Body Spandex

He opened the door to reveal a tiny room cluttered with ski waxing benches, oversized duffels, rainbow clusters of racing skis, and scattered posters of Olympic skiers peeling off the stark white walls. I could tell right away that this wasn’t the latest in ski technology: this was a home.

Scottish Watch

Scottish Watch

British and non-British students congregate to watch the referendum results on Scottish independence in the Leverett Senior Common Room. Millions of Scottish citizens went to the polls on Thursday, September 18, 2018 to determine the future of Scotland and Great Britain.

Scottish Watch

Scottish Watch

The referendum on Scottish independence could upend a 300-year joint history that was established in 1707 under the Act of Union.


Poetry by the Charles

Afternoon sunshine twinkles off the Charles River’s tiny blue waves and warms the grass on its shores. Beneath the nearby trees, students lay out on towels with their laptops and textbooks. Some people on the walking path seem hurried, others are enjoying a leisurely jog or stroll. Several, however, have stopped to read the mysterious string of poems stapled to a nearby tree.

College Administration

Lowell Tutor Becomes Acting Kirkland House Dean

Ari R. Hoffman ’10, a resident tutor in Lowell House, will serve as the acting Kirkland House dean this semester, while Cory T. Way, a sociology lecturer who usually holds the dean position, is on sabbatical.

Black Lives Matter Protester

Demonstrators Continue 'Black Lives Matter' Campaign in Central Square March

Harvard Stadium

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events

Conflict at the Scene

Med School Professor Dies After Brigham Shooting

"Shut It Down"

The Top 10 Stories of 2014