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Jason Mraz Loses Creativity on Bland Concept Album

Mraz unfortunately settles for uninteresting cliché, resulting in a collection of love songs with no heart.


All Eyez on Us

Why does the Hiphop Archive belong within the ivy-covered walls of Harvard?


Sleigh Bell's Despondent Fury

Sleigh Bells has added depth to the blaring potency that made them famous. While “Reign of Terror” is not as instantly stunning as “Treats,” the sophomore effort exhibits a new maturation.


Janice Weber's Blissful Middle Ground

Her ambitious program was performed with a professionalism that never reached sterility and a passion that never reached schmaltz—in essence, she made her concert all about the music.


Incubus Guitarist Cancels Performance

On Thursday morning, Matthew A. Aucoin ’12 will direct a string ensemble in the premiere of a piece that he composed in about three days, performing for the final lecture of the course Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 24: “First Nights: Five Performance Premieres.”

On Campus

Musical Twins Charm at Longy

Twin musicians perform at Longy last Monday to end of national tour


‘Inni’ Gives Sigur Rós Suitably Epic Context

At an hour and 45 minutes of music and an hour of film, “Inni” is a massive release. But its duration is appropriate considering the depth and breadth contained within it. There has always been something unfulfilling about Sigur Rós’s studio albums, as if the clean production and mastering took away from the music’s impact and suffocated it a bit. “Inni,” then, is Sigur Rós at its most fully realized: the music can breathe like it never could before.

Student Life

Six Apps for a Highly Effective Harvard Student

With the recent advent of the iPhone 4S, there seem to be as many iDevices in the Yard as there are (read: used to be) tourists. In light of this, we've found six iPhone apps sure to make your day-to-day life more enjoyable and convenient.


‘J. Edgar’ Has Acting, Lacks Plotting

Although its plot is too fragmented to maintain consistent and compelling energy, “J. Edgar” still serves as a sublimely acted and starkly beautiful portrait of a man who even today holds a very contentious place in the public conscience.

On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Jonathan Schakel

Musician Jonathan Schakel discusses the organ as an instrument of the mind.

Visual Arts

Björk's New App Is A Flawed Experiment In Transmedia

Björk fans need not worry—the Icelandic singer hasn’t stopped being really, really weird.

On Campus

Jon McLaughlin On the Recording Industry

Jon McLaughlin hasn’t always been so successful at drawing a crowd.


DRC Music Weds Foreign Sounds

“Kinshasa One Two,” is an album that’s much less governed by the intentions of the producers and much more by the people and sounds of the city.


‘Tucker and Dale’ Totally Slay

“Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” ingeniously takes the things that make slasher films so fun and preserves them within the framework of a masterfully penned comedy of errors.