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"Utopia" Comical, but Musically Limited

The success of “Utopia, Limited” ultimately rested on the Players’ ability to translate and package the satire of Gilbert and Sullivan’s original work. The Players’ rendition of this satire succeeded through their convincing portrayals of characters while remaining immediately relevant.


For the Record: "XO"

Arts writer Se-Ho B. Kim revisits Elliot Smith's emotionally resonant album, "XO." "Although “XO” is an album that taught me the art of breaking up, it ultimately helped me put myself back together. At the very least, it helped me come to terms with the part of me that wanted things to fall apart and for me to forget."


Iceage Thaws Paralyzed Punk Rock Genre

"You're Nothing" breathes new, furious life into the punk scene.


JACK String Quartet

New musical compositions to be performed at Paine Hall.


Hibernation Pays Off for My Bloody Valentine

Long awaited album is a valentine to loving fans


Five Artists Emerging From Hibernation

Last Sunday, My Bloody Valentine released their first album since November 4, 1991, two days before the KGB officially became defunct. The release of "mbv" brought them back to immediate relevance, to the delight of their fans. MBV isn't the only band returning to prominence this year, though—here are five other artists coming out of hibernation in 2013.


Imaginative "Invisible Man" Interprets Ellison's Classic

It’s difficult for a stage adaptation of a celebrated novel to become considered a great work in its own right, ...


Strings Group Bridges Bach to Björk

Boston String Players played pieces from four notable B's at their recent Museum of Fine Arts concert: Bach, Britten, Bartók, and Björk.


Tame Impala Pairs Sharp Songwriting with Cluttered Production

This release lacks the compositional intricacy that made “Innerspeaker” exceptional.


Point/Counterpoint: Wagner and his Anti-Semitism

A work of art is inextricably linked to its artist: the works of Richard Wagner would not exist if Wagner were not the man that he was, and Wagner would not have been that man without creating his art. Should an artist’s personal life and character inform our understanding of their art?


Nas Settles Comfortably Into Middle Age

“Life Is Good” showcases a more mature Nas and combines his frankness with a newfound maturity.

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Taking A First Look At The Arts First Weekend

A selection of Arts First events not to miss.

On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Matthew A. Aucoin ’12

Matthew A. Aucoin '12 discusses poetry, music, and his newest opera, the upcoming "Hart Crane."


Pianist Gerstein Skilfully Conjoins Classical and Jazz

This introductory segment gave Gerstein a chance to show off the full range of his abilities, from blossoming, jazzy melodies to flashy ostinato fingerwork.

Lab Rat: Itay Budin
Harvard Medical School

Award Winner Is A Scientist At Heart

A graduate student at Harvard, Itay Budin has been a scientist for as long as he can remember. He spent much of his childhood “playing around”—building airplanes, rockets, and generators.


Harvard-Yale 2014

Playing with the Rules

Playing With The Rules


Title IX Complaints in Higher Education

Art Museum Feature
Visual Arts

Newly Opened, Art Museums Prepare To Engage Undergrads